5 thoughts on “You will be missed

  1. I am so sad! I think that was why he was such a good actor. Along with his genius humor, he had a great sadness inside.

  2. I’m not taking it hard, I just think it’s such a waste. My parents knew him, and introduced me to his work, I grew up watching him, and my daughter loved watching his new show. It just didn’t have to end this way. 😦

  3. I’m feeling much the same as I did when I learned of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death; like a sad cloud is hanging over me. Both Robin Williams and PSH struggled with addiction and depression…silent killers I’ve heard some people say. Both men gave so much of themselves when on stage or screen, but couldn’t get “enough” to fill the hole in their souls. I pray that they are both at peace today.

  4. Honestly, when I saw him on interview shows, way back before wife #2 and the whole nanny thing, I was always very concerned about how manic he appeared. Really concerned. I didn’t know (specifics) about the depression, but it makes sense, where that is that much high, usually there is the lowest of lows too.

    I am always extremely distressed for the kids (no matter the ages) when someone commits suicide. I had a friend whose dad hung himself also, leaving family to find his body (she and her mom had gone to grocery store, came back, less than hour later, pushed garage door button and there he was, she was in grade school). I have a hard time with someone putting family in that situation. I guess for me, honestly, suicide prevention is one issue, the whole setting family up to find you THAT way is another. . .

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