Just Jill again

This week I have been kidless. My two older kiddos are away at camp and my youngest has been at grandmas. They’ll all be home again this weekend and although I have missed them, I have to admit this week has been FABULOUS. 

I feel like I’m getting a glimpse into the future when I’ll be an empty-nester (which will most likely be in ten years). I’ve only had to run the dishwasher once this week. I still have half a gallon of milk left from when I opened it last weekend – we usually go through a gallon a day with the kids around. I’ve washed really small loads of laundry (and by loads, I mean exactly two) and that was only because it was something my husband needed washed, otherwise I’ve sort of said “screw it”. 

I went to a movie with a friend on Tuesday night BECAUSE I COULD. A movie! On a Tuesday!! And it wasn’t even animated! In case you’re interested, it was this movie. Really good and really girly. Perfect!  

Last night, the hubs and I went out for dinner by ourselves. I can’t remember the last time we did that. 

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been as tempted to mindlessly snack like I usually do. It’s been easier to stay on track this week knowing that I don’t have the pressure of planning and preparing a meal that at least ONE person is going to turn their nose up to. Not having to referee petty arguments leaves me time to think. For the first time in a long time, I just feel like Jill and not Mom. I’ve missed Jill. She’s pretty rad to hang out with. 🙂  Mom is tense and cranky and tired. Somehow I need to figure out how to meld the two together or at least be more Jillish and less Momish all the time. 

As bad as this might sound, I haven’t missed being Mom this week. I love my kids and I’d kill anyone who ever tried to harm them, but Jeeze Louise motherhood tends to suck the life out of me! Some days I just don’t feel equipped with the patience to be the person guiding these sweet souls through life. A lot of days, I feel like they’re getting the raw end of the deal. I wonder if all moms feel like that at some point? But that’s a post for another day…

Anyway, it’s been a nice, quiet, eye-opening break for me this week. I appreciate that I’ve been given this time and when it ends on Saturday, I’d like to figure out a way to keep a little of that ‘calm’ around for awhile. I’ve got a few ideas brewing, but have you guys got any ideas? How do you keep peace in your homes and keep things running smoothly? 

This afternoon I’m treating myself to a pedicure and maybe a little window shopping after work, and then a nice evening on the patio. Just one more night to soak up all the Jillness. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Just Jill again

  1. I can relate to that feeling Jill. Hope I can get my Geena moment the soonest. Being a mom is really a full time job but sometimes I wish we as mothers can get more holiday 🙂 But anyway, there is time for everything. Let’s just enjoy them because soon we will miss all the noise in the house. Enjoy your rest Jill 🙂

  2. I totally get this, Jill! This mom gig is exhausting, frustrating, rewarding, awesome, all rolled into one messy package. I would LOVE a week of being “just Jess” once again…I’ve got about 18 years until my little ones are out of the house, and I’m in no hurry for that time to pass, but a break here and there would be awesome. But we don’t live near family, my parents still work, and hubby’s parents while able, don’t like to visit much (it’s too far, so it’s “easier” for us to pack the 4 year old and 18 month old in the minivan for the 7 hour drive….????). Anyway, just wanted to say I totally get it. And I wish I had ideas of how to make that calm last – I’ll be watching to see if anyone else has ideas. Basically, I just find myself talking to “me” in my head saying “enjoy these moments, as crazy as they make me, because they’ll be gone in a flash”.

  3. I don’t know how you do it all. I guess you can’t work part-time?

    Thanks for the movie review. hadn’t heard of that one. It sounds perfect!

    1. No, part time work isn’t an option because we rely on my job for health insurance plus other benefits.
      It was a nice movie. Makes me wonder if there’s a book about her.

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot about the health insurance. Well, its nice that you get these little breaks once in a while!

  4. What a great post. I could be writing this looking forward to my week of “Cindy”! It is my husband and my 10th anniversary and we get a week in a little cabin without kids. I can’t wait and this post is amazing!!

  5. I’m glad you got a Just Jill week! 🙂 I need one too. I’ve gone away a couple times over the years, and even if it’s only been for a weekend, I’m amazed somehow to discover that I AM actually a real, complete and separate person. That person seems to dissolve into the chaos that is a family. Definitely need to make more of an effort to run away from home now and then. 🙂

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