I finally had the kind of weekend I’ve needed for a long time – I did almost nothing for two whole days and it felt amazing. 

We had planned on going back to the park to walk around Friday night, but the weather was a little too cool and windy and my youngest was sniffle-y from allergies, so we went to the store just to walk around a little bit then came home and watched a movie. I hope the weather will be nicer this coming Friday so we can go to the park. 

Saturday I slept in til 7:30 (which I realize is still kinda early but I’m old so whaddya gonna do?), puttered around and drank my coffee in a leisurely fashion, watched the Sandlot with my kids (there is nothing about that movie that I don’t love) and finally rallied the troops to help me clean house for an hour. We divided and conquered the housecleaning the duties and an hour later my house was CLEAN. I wanted to go outside and shout Ron Burgundy-style ‘HEY EVERYBODY COME SEE HOW GOOD MY HOUSE LOOKS!” but I refrained. I might have done a few dramatic spins in my living room while Climb Every Mountain played in my head. It was glorious. I spent the rest of the day reading on my Kindle. Again, glorious. 

Sunday we got up and went to church, came home and had lunch, and then I spent the next six hours on my couch just reading. Oh, and doing laundry because laundry is ALWAYS FREAKING THERE. But I got to spend almost the whole entire weekend at home doing nothing and it was so therapeutic – no running errands, no ferrying kids to one thing or another, no having to be anywhere at all…just hanging out and reading. Ahhhhhhh. 

It was a lusciously long weekend and even though I didn’t get much physical activity in, I’m okay with it because my brain and my body just needed to check out for awhile. It was seriously exactly what I needed. I feel refreshed in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time and ready to face the week. Oh and there’s that whole 3 day weekend coming up to look forward to as well. Woohoo!! 

I need to make sure I build these weekends in to my schedule often. I’m a homebody and being at home helps me feel anchored and on top of things. And having a clean house is a load off of my shoulders! 

So it was a very good weekend. 🙂  I hope yours was good as well!