If you’ve been on a weight loss program for awhile and you aren’t losing weight, you might be what I like to call, Phantom Dieting. 

Phantom Dieting is when you think you are following your program, but once you start asking yourself the right questions, you realize that maybe…eh, not so much. 

The inner dialogue goes something like this:

Me: GAH!! Why am I not losing weight? It’s been weeks since I’ve seen any real weight loss!

Inner Me: Well, are you still tracking your food everyday?

Me: Um…I tracked for half a day last Wednesday. 

Inner Me: So that would be a “no”. 

Me: Yeah. That’s a no.  

Inner Me: Are you still getting in a good sweaty workout most days?

Me: I got a little sweaty when I was putting the wet clothes from the washing machine into the dryer last night. Does that count?

Inner Me: Uh…no. 

Me: I guess I’ve been slacking on my workouts lately. So no, I haven’t been good and sweaty for several days. 

Inner Me: Are you staying away from grazing and/or nibbling on junk food? Are you filling up on fruits and vegetables and lean protein?

Me: Sh*t. 

Inner Me: Okay well, see here’s the problem – you keep telling yourself that you’re following your program, but your actions say something different. What you are doing looks like nothing like following your plan. You, my dear, are Phantom Dieting. 

Me: So I guess I need to start doing what works for me: tracking my food every day, getting sweaty most days, and staying far far away from the junk food. Basically I need to, you know, follow my plan. 

Inner Me: Good observation there, Sherlock.


By the way, this may or may not be an actual conversation that took place in my head. *ahem* 

So if your weight loss has stalled or isn’t moving in the direction you would like, you might need to have a hard conversation with yourself. Feel free to use the above as a template. I don’t mind sharing. 

Since I know I’m not terribly original or unique, I know someone else out there has done some Phantom Dieting of their own. How did you get yourself back on track or what was it that made you realize you were off the rails? 

And yes, I am tracking everything today and making sure everything I put in my mouth is beneficial to my body. Time to get things moving again.