Weekend Recap

Hey Kids! How was your weekend?

Typically by the time Friday rolls around, I am one exhausted mama and so Friday nights are filled with as little activity as possible. I usually pick up a pizza and the kids and I eat and veg in front of the TV (the hubs fishes in a weekly jackpot on Friday nights). Last Friday however, my youngest wanted to go to the park because the weather was absolutely beautiful. I hem hawed a little bit and finally decided that anything would be better than sitting around the house feeling miserable, so after a dinner of tacos (nobody wanted pizza AGAIN) off to the park we went . My youngest rode her scooter, while my oldest and I walked along behind her (my middle child was staying the night with a friend – why does life seem so much easier with one less child? And it doesn’t matter which child is gone, just having one less kid eases the choas considerably for some reason!)

It was a perfect evening if ever there was one. A perfect blue sky, very little wind, birds singing, families out enjoying their time together – it was such a great time. I got in an additional 5000 steps while we were there – we walked along the walking paths around the park for about an hour, and we enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to try and do it again next Friday. If it isn’t raining, we’ll go again. 

Saturday was full of errands and laundry – I ate well Saturday, but felt tired a lot of the day. That evening, my husband and I cooked out on the grill – chicken and steak kabobs, fresh corn on the cob, and baked sweet potatoes. It was sort of supposed to be my Mother’s Day gift (more on that in a minute). Everything was going great until I went to heat up a can of Ranch Style beans (my husband’s favorite), walked away to go take care of something in the bedroom and completely forgot about the beans. About 20 minutes later I hear my husband in the kitchen, went in and realized I had let the beans burn in the pan. Apparently he was really looking forward to those beans because he got pissed off, and even after I apologized he was still pissed, so I got pissed off and we spent the rest of the evening and most of Sunday not talking to each other. Good times! 

And can I just get completely off topic here for a minute? I can’t remember sh*t anymore. The Ranch Style Beans Incident wasn’t the first thing I had forgotten last week. One day, I turned on the water hose to add some water to our koi pond, then completely forgot about it and left to go run some errands. The water ran for about 2 hours and our pond and flower bed were flooded. I also meant to put dinner in the crockpot one morning, but completely forgot about that too until I was already on my way to work. It’s just little things, but they seem to be happening a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s lack of sleep, perimenopause, or just too much to think about, but it’s getting super annoying.


Sunday, Mother’s Day, we got up early so we could go to eat breakfast and then go to church with my MIL. We met at Denny’s and I had the Fit Slam, which was really tasty and satisfying. After church we went straight to my mom’s house for lunch where we had lasagna and salad and garlic bread. I had a small piece of lasagna, 2 slices of french garlic bread, and a generous serving of salad. My mom made some weird pumpkin cake thing, which was really tasty but also really rich, so I only had a small portion of that. Then I spent the next two incredibly frustrating hours trying to get my mom’s wifi up and running, during which time I called my nephew who is a computer guy, and we worked on it until we finally got it going, but by that time I was a big ball of stress. My original plan had been to cut out of mom’s early and go to another walking trail with my family, but that didn’t happen. We just went straight home, and I went to my room to take a nap. 

So here’s my Mother’s Day rant: when does it get to be MY TURN? Every year, we have to split up the day or the weekend to be with my mom and/or his mom on Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love our moms and I realize they won’t always be around for us to celebrate, but I feel like I get left out of the loop. I also feel very petty and shallow when I think about it this way.  But the fact is I would like a day to just hang out with my kids and feel appreciated ALL DAY LONG instead of running around all day trying to make sure everyone else is happy. So for me, Mother’s Day is usually kind of a let down and yesterday was no exception. Okay, whiny pity party over. End rant. 

So my weekend recap: Friday was great, Saturday kinda sucked, Sunday kinda sucked. I feel pretty good about my food choices overall, but I think I could stand to tighten things up on the weekends – weekdays are under control, but I still struggle with the weekends. My activity level was oh…kay, but it could have been better. 

I need to make some changes, redraw some boundaries, take back some holidays, take back some power. I’ve made a lot of healthy physical changes, but I need to keep working on some healthy mental changes as well. 

Well this was just delightful, wasn’t it?! Jill’s blog: come for the sass, stay for the whine!! Ugh. I’ll make sure my other posts this week are little more peppy and fun. 🙂 

I hope you all had a great weekend! 


14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Haha, I just had to laugh when I read the end of your post. Your blog wouldn’t be real if it was all positive, life isn’t like that. I think you’re right about setting the boundaries, you should make sure you’re happy as well! 🙂 I haven’t tried ranch style beans, I don’t think they sell them here, but after your post I definitely want to check them out. They must be really special for your husband to stay mad at you for that long! 😉

    1. Don’t bother with trying Ranch Style beans – they aren’t that good. My husband was just mad because his day hadn’t been all that great and then my burning the beans was just the icing on the bad-day cake! It’s all good now. 🙂

  2. A couple of years ago on Mother’s Day my daughter went to a birthday party in the morning and then I had suggested something for the afternoon (don’t remember what) but no one else was keen. So my husband took my kids out for a play at the park while I stayed home. When they got back I was cooking dinner and crying. My husband said something like “But Jasmine didn’t want to…..” and I just exploded into a huge tantrum. “Why does SHE get to chose?!! It’s MOTHER’S DAY!!!” and had a big cry.

    They’ve been a bit more careful since then.

    My mum’s birthday is a week after Mother’s Day and since she lives some distance away I see her on her birthday instead for both events. So I get Mother’s Day to myself. (My husband’s mother died some years ago.)

  3. 1st off, I come to your blog because you are REAL, so I am able to relate, laugh, cry, and eventually move on! 2nd, Mother’s day is tricky!! I use to go do a Mother’s Day Race (even tho I am not a runner!) just to avoid doing a bunch of activities with extended family that left them all feeling happy and me feeling drained and put out. We have finally (for the most part :)) figured out that we honor me and the extended family on a different days.
    3rdly, your off topic comment about your recent forgetfulness…I have been experiencing lately as well. I am usually a very on top of it person and I have been dropping the ball a lot lately. I forgot to take a friends 3 kids to school when she had an early morning meeting (the poor babies just stood on the corner waiting for me, while I was home oblivious), found the morning after that I had spaced putting leftovers away from the dinner the night before (and it was a good dinner damn it!), showing up at a clients house without sheets for my massage table (I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years!!) At first it really started freaking me out and then friend mentioned perimenopause as well. Regardless what it is, I have decided that it’s me finally being HUMAN and it’s an opportunity for me to be a little less harsh on myself and others about always being so responsible for every little detail!!
    It’s all good in the end!!

    1. Well thank goodness I’m not the only one!! I’ve woken up to leftovers sitting in their containers on the counter too – all I had to do was put them in the fridge! Gah! I think we just have too much to think about and try to remember. Being the mom is hard!! 🙂

  4. Super-duper hugs! I’m sorry that happened. I haven’t had a mother’s day where I get my family to myself since the kids were infants. Maybe not even then. So, *hugs* my friend. Super-burnt-beans-hugs.

  5. Well, I thought about this today, but I see that you actually solved the problem yourself–re-draw the boundary lines etc.

    Also, I thought this would make you laugh–I dropped Noah off at his trainer’s this morning because I am leaving tomorrow and I needed to pack the car full of stuff, and when I was home this afternoon, I was thinking, “its not Noah so much, its just easier when there’s one less dog.” And then I thought, “someone else said that.” And then I remembered it was you talking about “one less kid.” That cracked me up.

  6. Use your timers. Timer on stove for all things cooking and anything else (hose, washer, starting something).

    Timer on phone for things that happen every day. For example, M – F my phone chimes at 2:30 to get my daughter from high school at 3pm. In the winter my husband’s phone goes off at 7:30 pm to turn down the heat for the night.

    I am a good list maker. Not hopelessly long to do lists, but helpful lists of what I am doing in what order so I do not get frustrated forgetting something.

    Also touch it once philosophy is a big help. Things like you mentioned – signing your daughter’s forms immediately.

    We have a master calendar on the refrigerator for whole house and that helps too.

    Actually all of this kind of stuff and taking care of clutter helps a great deal with weight loss/maintenance because it reduces the number of things to think about and reduces anxiety/stress.

    Did you not have another can of beans? Could he have driven to store instead of getting mad? Interesting reaction.

    1. Honestly, it wasn’t even the beans that was the main problem. He’s been having a rough time lately with things not going smoothly, and that day had been particularly stressful, so what should have been a small inconvenience became ONE MORE BAD THING in his life. And it was the last can of beans and dinner was already ready, so going to get a new can of beans would have taken at least a half hour (we live in a semi-rural area with the nearest store being 10 miles away).

  7. Peri-menopause brain….started in my forties too. Creeps up on ya gets worse. I went on HRT eventually and it was a godsend.

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