If you’ve been reading me for very long, you know that I love yoga. After all of last weeks physical and mental activity I decided that this week I would treat my body to some gentle early morning yoga – so far it’s been exactly what my body needed! ♥

About a month ago, I received an offer to review MyYogaWorks online yoga videos. Yoga Works is a teaching studio for yoga based in California and now they have expanded their offerings online so as to be accessible to everyone. After much begging and pleading and twisting of my arm (sarcasm font), I said YES PLEASE and I was set up with a VIP yoga subscription. I wanted to view and following along with some of the videos before I presented it to my readers, which is why it has taken me a few weeks to get this review out.

My experience with MyYogaWorks has been good so far. The videos are taught by experienced yoga instructors who make it feel as if you are in an actual yoga class. In fact, this is probably as close to an actual yoga class you can get without leaving your home. The instructors are very good at giving reminders to relax certain areas that might be clenched (jaw, neck, shoulders), or reminders about correct positioning.

There are several different types of videos to choose from – everything from basic positions, to yoga for runners, as well as yoga for the office. I even just watched a short yoga sequence for anyone who is on a long plane ride! If you have a need that can be filled with yoga, there is a good chance there is a video on MyYogaWorks that can fulfill that need.

The MyYogaWorks videos are streamed through the internet, so it’s not an app, and you do need a reliable internet connection. If you are working on a desktop computer or a laptop, it is very easy to use. I wanted to do the videos primarily on my Kindle Fire, but I have had lots of trouble getting the videos to play on the installed internet browser Silk. The support personnel said that some people are able to use the videos on Silk with no problems, but I am not so fortunate. Either the videos don’t play, or if by some miracle I get them to play, there are no controls to stop or pause the video once it starts – I just have to let it play through. You might have a different experience, so don’t be dissuaded from trying if you are so inclined.*  I can use it on my Android phone just fine, but I like a bigger screen, especially if it is a video I’m not familiar with.

I have also learned to give myself a little extra time before I begin my practice – because there are so many videos from which to choose, it can take a few minutes to find the right one, or to just decide which one to do. There are lots of different filters: you can filter with the amount of time (from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, level of activity (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or teachers), or you can choose a journey series which is a series of videos designed for a specific outcome (the runners series, surfing, for moms, just to name a few). I love that there is a variety of videos – there’s no reason anyone should get bored considering all the options!

I am disappointed that I am unable to play the videos on my Kindle Fire, however I do really like the videos I have completed so far. I especially love the Office Series – very useful for someone like myself who spends 8 hours per day sitting behind a desk!

I will continue to do the videos – most likely using my phone, or on my desktop computer at home if I can make enough room in front of my computer. And thanks to MyYogaWorks, you can try them out for a discounted price! Readers of The Sassy Pear can get their first month of MyYogaWorks for 50% off ($7.50) and they will get a two week trial before they are charged.  They just need to enter the coupon code: SASSYPEAR50 when they setup their account at MyYogaWorks.com

This is a great opportunity to try out different instructors or types of yoga for very little cost. I very much recommend giving it a shot!




*Edited to Add: Shelly from MyYogaWorks just emailed me to say that in about a month, there will be an update to the site so finding and viewing videos will be a better overall experience. 🙂


Disclaimer: I was given a free VIP membership to myyogaworks.com in return for my honest opinion. All opinions, good or bad, are mine and mine alone.