Thin Day, Fat Day

Last week I went and did a little shopping because I found I had a couple of hours of unexpected free time and some tax refund money burning a hole in my pocket. (99% of the time, I either have time but no money for shopping OR plenty of money but no time. This time the planets all aligned in such a way that I had BOTH! AT THE SAME TIME!) I bought a few tops, one of which was an aqua blue drape-neck top that is absolutely beautiful. I love drape neck tops because they fit me well – they are drape-y where I need I need drapes and they skim where I need to be skimmed, so whenever I see one that I think will fit the bill, I buy it. I bought a cute statement necklace to go with it and planned to wear it to church on Sunday, which I did. I paired it with a pair of black slacks and heels and let me just be honest here…I looked GOOD. I felt put-together and most importantly (sarcasm), I FELT SLIM. My hair even got in on the act and decided to behave quite nicely for a change. I wish I had taken a picture because I was FEELIN’ IT. Oh yes I was. (Don’t worry, I got over myself before church because pride goeth before a fall and all that)

Fast forward 24 hours – getting ready for work on Monday morning and very sleepily digging through my closet looking for a work-appropriate outfit to wear. I pull out some work slacks that I wear quite a bit and for some reason, a top that I don’t particularly love, but decided to wear anyway. Oh geeze. That was a mistake because I left for work feeling frumpy and rumpled and short and F A T. My hair rubbed salt into the wound by looking ridikuhlus as well. For ten hours I felt like gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe – annoying and not at all attractive.  I couldn’t wait to get home and take off that stupid top and put my hair up in a plastic clippy thing. I even felt better in my sloppy bun hair and ratty yoga pants (comfort makes me comfy). 

Two different days and two completely different reactions. It just goes to show, it’s not your body that’s the problem, it’s the clothes you choose to buy and wear that can make or break your day. I have been paying a little closer attention lately to what I wear and how it makes me feel – I’ve stopped wearing jeans to work simply because I haven’t found a pair of jeans that I feel good wearing, so even though my work environment is super casual, I feel better when I kick it up a notch and wear slacks. Even casual pants are better than jeans (for me). 

So…focusing on clothes that make me feel good sort of leads to a dilemma for me: what to wear this summer? Of course for work during the summer I wear a lot of long skirts and light weight pants, but when I’m not working I’m not sure what to wear. I carry my weight in my bottom half – from my hips all the way down to my calves, plus I’m short. Also I am very self conscious of the many, many spider/varicose veins on my pale legs, so tend to avoid showing them off.  Any kind of shorts look kind of ridiculous on me because not only do I have Beyonce thighs, I’ve got a JLo booty too – trust me, I just don’t look good in shorts, not even bermuda shorts. Capris tend to make me look stocky so I’d like to avoid those too, but sometimes it’s the lesser of two evils. What’s a short, chunky girl to do? Where’s Stacy & Clinton when I need them???? I guess I need to find an episode of What Not To Wear that deals with this and take notes. :/ I’m looking for something that will not only look good, but make me feel good when I wear it and not like gum on the bottom of a shoe. 

So, the TL;DR version is: find something that fits your body and makes you feel good and wear that, instead of wearing clothes that make you feel like crap. And forget about the size on the tag – just wear what FITS. Size is all relative, anyway. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Thin Day, Fat Day

  1. Good advice. Oh, how I hate shopping, though. Bleh bleh bleh. There’s some catalogues that come in the mail, and I’ve resorted to ordering from those a few times. Stacy and Clinton would yell at me for that.

  2. I can sooo relate. I am getting ready for our annual rummage sale at the church and I had this blouse I was going to throw in the pile to donate, but no. I like this blouse. I like the fabric and the pattern, and it is barely worn. I’ll keep this, I say, to no one in particular. So the next day, I wore the blouse to work. This was yesterday. Ugh. I had to fuss with it all day long, and push my bra straps down all day long, because duh, the blouse is too big. It just doesn’t fit anymore. So after 8 hrs of fussing with the thing, I headed home, took it off, and threw it in the give-away pile. It will make someone else a nice blouse, but for me, not a good match any more.

  3. I do feel so much better when I wear clothes that fit. If I put on something just a little too tight, I feel like a cow. But, put on something that fits well and I feel thin.

  4. You know, it’s funny you mention this because I just started doing my hair and make-up more, even when I know I’m not going anywhere. Because what am I saving it for? And if it makes me feel like a normal (non-troll, I hope no one rings the doorbell) person, then why aren’t I doing that? But I’m NOT giving up my sweats. 🙂 I have an excellent excuse; I ruin all my good clothes with paint, so those I DO save. Frumpy happy me!

    So did you throw out those fat-day clothes? Burn them?

  5. My legs are large all the way down (I think it’s called a skittle shape) but I have to wear shorts in our hot summers in Australia. I only get ones that go just below the knee. As long as they hide the bugle of fat just above the knee on the inner side, it doesn’t look too bad. So I’d say just keep trying on different things. I can’t wear skirts/dresses without leggings because I rub too much which is very painful.

  6. In my archives, may 2012, there are two pictures of me, taken 24 hours apart, in two different dresses, and the difference in how I look is very telling. Cut of the dresses. The fuchsia dress I gave to a pregnant friend immediately. She did not mind looking pregnant in it. I also learned not to clasp my hands in front of me in pictures.

    I have watched a lot of WNTW and found it extremely helpful. I also tried on a lot clothes. A lot. To see what works on me. I went on trying on adventures where I left my purse in the trunk of my car. Did not buy a thing. Just tried things on (usually Macy’s).

    JCPenney’s carries a lot of petites. I have a daughter who is 5′ even, so I know all about shopping for the right proportions.

    My trick is to order a lot of things in 3 sizes each (the size I think we need, the size bigger, the size smaller). I buy enough to get free shipping. I buy when I have a good coupon. I put it on their store card so I get rewards credit. Then can try on in my home. With my mirrors and lighting. And with the other clothes in closet. I return the rejects to the store. I have found this to be very effective, after I knew what to look for in cuts/colors/brands. I do this for myself and both my girls. We each have very distinct style. And we are very picky. This works well for us.

    Other pears I have known wear a lot of dresses and skirts.

    I agree almost no one should be wearing capris. . .

    1. I have learned to take a large amount of clothing into the dressing room with me in order to find one or two things that fit well, and I take different sizes too. Just doing this has cut down on the amount of tears shed in the dressing room. 🙂

  7. You are totally right – it`s how we feel about ourselves not how much we weight. I can add to your post about fitting clothes one more thing – also how and what I eat makes my “slim feeling” or “fat feeling” day.
    About summer clothes – maybe you could try wearing light summer but long trousers after work? like safari style? or dresses? maybe look for other types then just long ones? Let`s try to like the summer even though we`re not perfect…..anyway wearing all those shorts and swim suites – that`s why I love spring, summer not so much!

  8. I absolutely get it, especially now that summer is coming, and I live where it’s super hot. Everyone says ‘buy shorts’, but for my shape and size, not only are they hard to find, they don’t always look good.

  9. If that top made you feel that bad, I hope you got rid of it so you don’t wear it again! The drapey top sounds lovely — they’re a favorite style of mine, too.

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