So hey guess what?! I hate running!! Ah, I love this time of year…it’s the season of quitting. Yes, folks more times than I can count I have emerged from a dreary winter and had aspirations of becoming a real runner, so I download a C25K program, buy new running shoes, and start running. Then approximately 6 weeks in, I realize “oh yeah!! I hate running!” and I quit. Seriously, there is very little I love about running. Oh, I wish I could love it or even like it a little, but alas, I like it about as much as I like mopping my floors, which is to say, not very much at all. 

At this weight, it’s just hard to run and it hurts and it takes me forever to get in and out of my straight-jacket heavy-duty sports bra. Yes, I know there are people who can rock a 5k at my weight and to those people I say more power to you! Run one for me because I’m happy to be in the walking pack in the back. 

I am a walker. And a yoga-doer (I don’t consider myself a yogi because that would convey that I have any sort of talent where yoga is concerned, which I do not, but I still love it). So those are the two things I am going to do for now. I might add in some other stuff here and there, but my main mode of moving my booty will be walking and bending. And if I’m feeling particularly plucky some days, I might throw in a jog during my walk, but I can guarantee it won’t last more than 30 seconds. I have my limits, people. 

Anything you want to admit to quitting? Anything you probably should quit, but haven’t yet? Spill it in the comments!