I’m blogging from home today due to the nasty stomach bug that attacked my youngest daughter early this morning. She’s sleeping comfortably right now and I’m trying to type quietly so as not to wake her (anyone know how to type quietly? is there such a thing?). 

I have a question that hopefully you runner-types can help me with: lately when I run my left calf gets really tight as I’m running. Why? Why does it do this? I normally walk for 5 minutes before running, so I think I’m getting warmed up sufficiently, and I stretch after I run. What else do I need to be doing? Regale me with your running secrets! 

I was a little worried about how to handle Easter, with all its chocolate and ham and chocolate and marshmallow Peeps, and chocolate, but after talking with Amanda about it, her advice was this: tighten things up for the next few days and then go ahead and  enjoy a few treats on Easter. She said to pick a few of my very favorites and enjoy them with no guilt. (!!!!) As far as Easter dinner goes, she said to eat whatever I wanted but just make sure they were small portions. And she stressed that I should not have any guilt at all – holidays were made to be celebrated, so go ahead and celebrate, but do it in a way that will make you feel good. Balance is the key – not perfection. 🙂 

I remember when I lost over 30 pounds a few years ago that Easter was the holiday where I let everything go and began my climb back up the scale. The months leading up to Easter had been very stressful and for some reason all the chocolate bunnies and Easter ham just sent me over the edge – and I happily swan-dived right into them. So I always feel a little anxiety where this holiday is concerned (really only just a little, but it’s still there). I don’t foresee myself going off the deep end again, especially since I have Amanda in my corner, but I’m very aware of how easy it would be to do that. 

Well, my little patient is requesting some ginger ale so I’ll wrap this up for now, but I wanted to ask – how do you all handle Easter? Bypass the bunnies or inhale all the ham? Answer below!! 🙂