Tornados! Hail! Wind Gusts! Rain! ALL THE WEATHERS ARE COMING FOR YOU!!

Good morning! Is it Friday yet???? 🙂

After some careful effort and lots of encouragement from Amanda, the cookie issue became a non-issue for the rest of last week. I did really well and felt so much better. I had been on the straight and narrow for several days until yesterday. We had severe storms moving in – talk of 65mph winds and golf ball sized hail, so I was watching the news to keep track of the storm. My husband was off on a hunting trip and would be driving right into the direction of the storm. I was a wee bit worried. 

Maybe it’s because it’s Oklahoma and tornadoes can pop up any minute, but our weather guys are on top of impending weather issues. I mean seriously on top of things. They will talk non stop about the storms and where they are headed and what they have damaged (which I totally and completely appreciate, btw), but sometimes I find myself getting carried away on the nervous tide of IMPENDING SEVERE WEATHER ISSUES. 

The more I listened to the weatherman, the more anxious I got. He was super excited!, so I got super excited! (nervous excited, not happy excited). The faster he would talk, the more nervous I got. I could feel my shoulders inching up closer and closer to my ears as my muscles got more and more tense. 

Guess what happens when I get anxious? Yep. I headed to the kitchen. 

I tried to keep my nervous nibbling to healthy foods: some grapes, a slice of provolone cheese, some leftover chicken breast…but what I really wanted was something crunchy, salty, and would take a while to eat. POPCORN! I popped myself some corn and that did the trick for awhile, but I found myself wanting needing chocolate. So I ate a few (5 to be exact) chocolate eggs and that seemed to soothe the nervous beast within. (Did I mention that my Special Lady Time finally arrived on Saturday after being THREE WEEKS LATE??? That did not help my situation at all. I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to Mother Nature about that.) I followed that up with some Raisin Bran for dinner and was finally done. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten like that for anxiety reasons. I guess I should be happy because that used to be a daily thing, but I’m still disappointed that I let it get away from me like that. In hindsight, there’s a lot of things I could have done differently:

1) Turn off the Overly Excited Weather Man. The storm came through and yes, it was dark and ominous for about an hour but then it blew on through. It rained, no hail. Typical spring storm. Husband got home fine. 

2) I could have done yoga instead of eating.

3) I could have taken a nap instead of eating.

4) I could have drank (could have drunk?) a big glass of water – I hadn’t had much water and was actually quite thirsty. 

My weight on Friday was in the low 190s but a quick peek this morning showed it bounced back up in the mid 190s. My hope is that a lot of water and a couple of days back on track will bring my weight back down. Something else I need to get back to is tracking on the weekends. I’ve not been doing that and as a result, I tend to get a little loosey-goosey on the weekends, so I need to cut that out. The plan for this week is: plenty of water, plenty of healthy foods, plenty of activity, and plenty of tracking. I can do that. 

I’m curious, do any of you get this way when watching the weather or is it just me? I’m all for being prepared and taking things seriously, but yesterday could have been a great napping/movie-watching day if I hadn’t been so Chicken Little about it. I kept myself confined to my bedroom to keep my kids from picking up on my nervous energy – they didn’t seem to notice anything unusual, at least I got that part right. We still have a couple of months of Spring Tornado/Severe Weather here, so I’m getting this lesson learned early, thank goodness. Trying really hard here to take away the good things and not beat myself up about yesterday. That in itself is progress.

Lesson learned: don’t get carried away with the weather guys. Check in periodically, but don’t let it get the best of you. Be safe, but don’t be a worry wart and most of all, don’t turn to food for comfort. 

Class dismissed. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tornados! Hail! Wind Gusts! Rain! ALL THE WEATHERS ARE COMING FOR YOU!!

  1. Sounds like the weather we had to day. Except for the tornadoes. We never (well, very very rarely) get tornadoes in Germany. We call them “Windhose” – wind pants. Don’t ask me why. Today was typical April weather. Sunshine, rain, sunshine, hail, sunshine. And rain again. With strong winds in between. Overall we’re lucky though. We rarely get severe weather over here. Glad it turned out not so bad for you.

  2. Our weather guy used to get really worked up over impending tornadoes. I finally learned not to watch him because he made me a little crazy. Sounds like you’ve got some good plans on hand for next time a storm threatens, which considering it’s springtime, will be soon, right?

  3. I had to stop watching/listening to any news what-so-ever during the whole bank/real estate thing. It caused so much anxiety (which is always based in fear). Stopped news 100% for several years. I switched to pop music for a year. Then switched to audio books for several years. I am currently back to pop music.

    Previously I had been a big NPR girl (in the car, and I spent a lot of time in the car).

    Went back to TV only news sometime within the last year. I record one local station at 11pm and Diane Sawyer earlier. I then watch recorded, usually the next day, blinking thru all commercial (and I actually skip weather and sports on local channel.) If there is a really upsetting story, I skip it, but that rarely happens. I could not handle endless coverage of one event (cable news style), but I can handle one quick segment.

    I get weather alerts on my phone. So I know about severe weather on a timely basis. I also get school alerts (one in high school, one in undergrad, one in grad school) if something major happens on campuses.

    I think media impacts us BIG TIME. I record everything I watch so I can edit. Commercials for example. There are a lot of food commercials. I don’t just fast forward thru them, I blink in 1 minute segments so they are gone. Big difference in my life. Big difference in just eating my food and not buying junk . . .

    1. I’m an NPR girl too!! I can handle NPR stories because they are a little more in depth than regular news and don’t get me worked up. CanNOT handle cable news networks at all. I also think the media has a big influence and not in a good way. I watch a little bit of news in the morning while I’m getting ready for work (it’s in the background while I am flittering about the house) and then in the evenings I tend towards shows like Big Bang Theory or Wheel of Fortune…if I watch tv at all. I record Agents of Shield and buzz through the commericals when I rewatch, but that’s about all I watch regularly anymore (my son and I are big Marvel fans – it’s “our” thing). And I will FO SHO not watch anymore severe weather coverage. Can’t deal with the high anxiety of the weather guys. :/

  4. NPR girl here too! (in the car only.) I feel like I keep up with the world a little bit 🙂

    And yeah, its not just the weather guys. Any disastrous story gets told and retold and examined and on and on. I’m glad I don’t have a tv any more.

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