The Powers That Be at my job decided that all locations need a giant bulletin board prominently displayed where we can hang a bunch of reports that no one but me will ever see. My boss decided the perfect place to hang this giant bulletin board is on the wall just a few feet from my desk. Yay.

So he gets the little clippy bulletin-board-holder-thingies (technical term) in the wall, then proceeds to hang said bulletin board. As he was wrangling the board into place, I noticed that the bulletin was upside down and was in danger of remaining upside down for the life of the board or the remainder of my time here (which will probably be the same amount of time, knowing my luck). I cannot clearly explain the tide of anxiety that built up in me as I noticed this board going onto the wall upside down. I knew that if I had to sit here and look at this board in all its upside down glory for the next 25 years (God help me), I would at some point go ballistic and lose my ever lovin’ mind. Just as he was about the hang the board in place, I heard the panic in my voice rise as I calmly informed him,

“It’s upside down.

It’s upside down!!


My boss stopped and said “is it really? I thought you were joking?!”

Um… no. Not joking at all.

He honestly hadn’t noticed that there was a “way” for the bulletin board to go. He was just going to throw it up there, willy nilly, with no regard for the laws of design or physics or whatever. Seriously, some people!!

My blood pressure came back down when he righted his wrong and turned the board right side up. Ahhh, now I can relax. Then it hit me: I have apparently inherited some of my mother’s OCD. I’ve never been one that had to have things a certain way, in fact I’ve always prided myself on being able to say “good enough” when it comes to…well, anything. I am not a perfectionist in the least, except apparently when it comes to bulletin boards. Who knew?  Am I really becoming my mother?!? (that’s a post for another day)

Want to see the panic-inducing board?

bulletin board

You may be looking at that and thinking, “Well how can you even tell if a bulletin board is upside down anyway???” Glad you asked! If you look on the bottom right hand corner of the  bulletin board, you can see a little black tag. See it? Look closer. Squint your eyes if you have to…

THERE. SEE IT?? That little black tag says a word on it and THAT’S how I know which way is up and which way is upside down.

And now we can all agree that I have issues and clearly need help.