So…I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I haven’t done that in…well, a lot of years.

I don’t know if I’m trying to get sick or just dog-tired, but I didn’t even try to fight it last night. After work yesterday, I went to my daughter’s basketball game, came home and cooked up some grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (because I hadn’t set anything out to thaw yesterday morning), ate said sandwich, then told my husband “I feel like I could go to bed right now.” This was approximately 7:45 pm. At 8:00 I thought “I’m just going to lie down for a minute…”

Twenty minutes later, I snored myself awake* and finally just decided to give in to the warm sweet arms of my bed.  When I went to kiss my kids goodnight, my daughter said “seriously? Mom it’s only 8:30!” and my son said “wow, okay Old Lady, goodnight!” (Note to self: significantly decrease son’s share of inheritance.)

Interesting to note, my 8 year old daughter had crashed out on the couch about the same time I did. Something must have been in the air last night.

I crawled into bed and of course I kept thinking to myself “I’m in bed at 8:30. That’s so weird. I’m so sleepy. Why am I not asleep yet? Probably because it’s only 8:30.” This tape played in my head for quite awhile until I made myself do some deep breathing exercises and finally drifted off. I woke up a couple of times but mostly I slept okay. I feel a little better today, but I’ll admit I do still feel somewhat tired.

I will not get sick. I will NOT get sick. I refuse to be sick.

I’ve mentioned before that being tired is usually a big food trigger for me. I did okay yesterday, but I found that I craved salty foods. I had some mini cheddar rice cakes and it hit the spot. That was probably the worst thing I ate yesterday. I know you’re thinking, well hey what about that grilled cheese sandwich? Well let me tell you about that toasty little mound of deliciousness: whole wheat bread, low sodium shaved turkey breast, a slice of provolone cheese, all toasted in a wee bit of coconut oil. OH MY SWEET TEA, it was good. Warm and gooey and perfectly toasted, it was just what I needed. Absolutely delightful!

I feel like I’m going to be fighting this tired-trigger all day. Trying to fight it off with lots of water and protein, I hope it works.

*okay, the snoring thing: lately, I have been told, that I snore. This is a new thing apparently and yet one more thing my husband likes to tease me about. I keep my bedroom pretty cool at night, but I’m wondering if it isn’t because of the super dry air. Maybe a humidifier would help, I don’t know? But yeah, I snore myself awake at least once a night. Super attractive, no?

5 thoughts on “Zzzzzzz

  1. Actually, I think if you don’t have a cold and you have suddenly started snoring, that’s something your supposed to take to your doctor. See if it keeps up, I guess? Old lady, huh? Just more fodder for revenge when he’s older…

  2. I usually wake up alone because my husband leaves during the night during the night. And, I see his pillow usually at the foot of the bed (sleeping as far away from me as possible before retreating).

    “”wow, okay Old Lady, goodnight!” (Note to self: significantly decrease son’s share of inheritance.)” — LOL!

    1. I don’t know why I wrote “during the night” twice. Huh? It’s supposed to say, “…during the night because of my snoring.” Darn autocorrect.

  3. On busy days in the library, I am DOG tired. I routinely fall asleep in the chair while reading, and often snore myself awake :). Once I snore myself awake, I give up and go to bed. 8:30 or 9 is not unusual. Sleep is good for us, right? It makes us healthier and lets our immune systems fight harder. I am choosing to believe laziness has nothing to do with it! 🙂

  4. Did you have a physical too – and complete blood work done ( chem panel, cbc, lipid profile w/ triglycerides) ? I’m new to your blog and I noted that you are tired and “not feeling well” a lot. How is your fasting glucose and your BP?
    Feel better.

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