A few months ago after an annual health evaluation, my husband discovered he has hypertension and high cholesterol. He’s been working with our family doctor to lower these numbers and for several weeks he made a half-hearted attempt at eating better to avoid going on medication. It didn’t work. He is now on medication for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol…and he is not a happy camper about this.

To look at my husband you wouldn’t think he would suffer from these issues, even though I realize someone can look healthy without actually being healthy. He certainly thought he was healthy enough, but according to the numbers, he’s not exactly the picture of health. I can see why he thought he didn’t have to worry: he’s very active and even though he might be a few pounds overweight (15 -20 maybe?) he wears it well.

The problem is in his diet. He eats out for lunch every day – burgers, bbq, fried chicken, Mexican food…the typical American diet. He also has an addiction  fondness for sunflower seeds and sweet tea. In the past when I had suggested that we need to clean up our eating, he honestly thought we were doing okay. He didn’t see anything wrong with the things we were eating.

That is, until he got a good look at those health evaluation numbers.

Since he’s been put on the medication, he has become interested in eating better, which HALLELUJAH it’s about time!

Suddenly he’s Googling things like “foods that lower high blood pressure” and “what to eat to lower cholesterol”. He’s doing research on statins (that one scared him, and for good reason) and becoming very interested in the nutrient content of the cereal I buy. He’s reading labels and asking me to buy more nuts and steam more vegetables at dinner. He’s eschewing his favorite desserts (Oreo cookies) in favor of a juicy piece of fruit after dinner.

I’m not happy that he has to take medications, but can I just tell you what a relief it is to have him on the same page as me????  The burden on my shoulders to try and convince my family to eat better has been lifted and I finally know what it means to have total support. Not that he didn’t support me before, but I don’t think he understood WHY I wanted us to eat better. He understands now. So much so that he’s taken to lecturing our kids about how they need to take care of their bodies now or else it will catch up to them later.

He’s had slip-ups, like the rest of us, but he’s making an honest effort and I love that. I’m so proud of him.

My hope is that he’ll keep up with this healthy lifestyle and that maybe it will be easier for me to get healthy as well, knowing we are in this together.

*fingers crossed*