It feels weird.

Back in the day, an afternoon snack for me meant anything of the sugary/fatty/cardiac-arresty variety. 

You know, fun foods. 

Today I had a salad for my afternoon snack. 

A salad.

I had a salad…

…for my afternoon snack, y’all. 

 I don’t know how to feel about this. 

I feel so…responsible.





11 thoughts on “It feels weird.

  1. But it tasted good, didn’t it? I have to have that kind of talk with myself when I’ve had SOUP for my mid-morning snack. Soup? At 10am? Yeah, weird. But it tasted good, and it was what I was in the mood for.

  2. I used to be staunchly against salad, and it wasn’t until I left home and had to pay for all my meals that moments where I’d be like, “I’m so freaking hungry I could actually eat the salad that comes with the meal” started occurring pretty regularly, and I began eating salad. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad – I quite like it – especially with decent dressing.

  3. lol….that’s growing up for you!! At 20, Salad was a swear word! Water was something you washed with (drink 2lt a day? are you a mad man!) & exercise was walking up a hill to get a kebab….but alas a few yrs on & you realise you are in fact mortal & what you put in your face changes the look of what is below your face!!

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