It feels weird.

Back in the day, an afternoon snack for me meant anything of the sugary/fatty/cardiac-arresty variety. 

You know, fun foods. 

Today I had a salad for my afternoon snack. 

A salad.

I had a salad…

…for my afternoon snack, y’all. 

 I don’t know how to feel about this. 

I feel so…responsible.





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  1. But it tasted good, didn’t it? I have to have that kind of talk with myself when I’ve had SOUP for my mid-morning snack. Soup? At 10am? Yeah, weird. But it tasted good, and it was what I was in the mood for.

  2. The more you do it, the less weird it will seem, right?

  3. responsible.
    ahhhh I remember that word vaguely :0)

  4. Responsible? We know not this word… 🙂

  5. Oh my, so much effort for an afternoon snack ;). Good for you!

  6. I used to be staunchly against salad, and it wasn’t until I left home and had to pay for all my meals that moments where I’d be like, “I’m so freaking hungry I could actually eat the salad that comes with the meal” started occurring pretty regularly, and I began eating salad. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad – I quite like it – especially with decent dressing.

  7. Hey There

    I wonder how did your body feel after a salad for afternoon snack? Did you feel tired, lethargic or did you feel relaxed and a little spike of energy?

  8. Marshmallow salad?

    That’s inspiring, Jill!

  9. lol….that’s growing up for you!! At 20, Salad was a swear word! Water was something you washed with (drink 2lt a day? are you a mad man!) & exercise was walking up a hill to get a kebab….but alas a few yrs on & you realise you are in fact mortal & what you put in your face changes the look of what is below your face!!

  10. If you want to stay healthy than either you have to be responsible!! or you can engage yourself in some kind of sports activity which can burn your fat and make you fit and slim. For more tips on Sports and weight loss Visit here.

  11. I know that feeling for sure! But doesn’t it feel good when you’re done that snack and you actually feel good?! That’s the best reward and one of the only things that stops me from eating endless amount of chocolate! xo (If interested I just posted about weight loss inspiration – check it out:

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