Dear Jill,

I realize that according to the fashion industry, you might be considered “petite” in stature. You are 5’3″ and according to said fashion industry, the cut off to be considered a petite is 5’4″ so technically, yes, you are a petite. How many times Jill, HOW MANY TIMES, have you gone into a dressing room with a “petite” pair of pants and thought “Oh! These are the perfect length!”? Yes, I know….many. But let’s not forget what happens when you take these pants home and wash them…they shrink. THEY SHRINK JILL. THEY ALWAYS SHRINK. They shrink juuuuust enough so that when you go to wear them again the next time, they are a little too short. Then you end up walking around looking like you are ready to go play Bingo with Gladys and the rest of your nursing home group. 

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND PERFECT, STOP BUYING THE PETITE SIZE!!!! You will never be happy with the length of petite pants…ever. 

Seriously Jill. Get this sh*t sorted out.