I just want to take a little nap. On my desk. For the rest of the day.

Hey gang! 

I don’t know about you all, but I am TIRED today. I was busy all weekend long and then I didn’t get to bed until 11:30 last night so of course I’m tired. And you know what happens when I’m tired? I want to compensate my lack of energy with food, so I’m going to have to be extra careful today to not go off into the ditch. 

I had planned on getting up early this morning to walk on the treadmill but when the alarm went off at 5 am I said “NOPE” and reset my alarm for 6 am and went back to sleep. I just couldn’t do it. I’ll try to get my walk in this evening, but I’m not making any promises. After work I have to go get a few groceries, then by the time I get home and make dinner and clean up…who knows.

Is it bad that I’m already ready for bed? 

The reason I wanted to get on the treadmill this morning is so I can start training for Kyra’s virtual 5k race series. She has put together a series of monthly 5ks that you do on your own one weekend a month, starting in March. If you want more info, go HERE. You can still sign up and check out the dates of the races. There is no fee, but there will be prizes along the way and you can even order a tshirt if you want (but you are not obligated to get one, only if you just really really want one. I’m totally getting one though. :)). Here’s the logo for the series:

Cool, huh?! 

Food news: still chugging along. I have to be careful of using too many Discretionary keys (these are like treat foods) – the plan allows for 3 per week and I think I’ve been using 3 per day – oops!! I just need to be a little more vigilant about saying NO to these kinds of foods – it’s more about breaking the habit than craving the taste. Most of the foods I used to drool over just don’t taste that good to me anymore. Could it be that my taste buds are evolving? Can old tastebud dogs indeed learn new tricks??? 

That’s about it for me. I have a boatload of work to do today and absolutely zero energy or desire to do any of it. I’ll muddle through it somehow, and hope for the best! 

Check ya later,



7 thoughts on “I just want to take a little nap. On my desk. For the rest of the day.

  1. I’ve tried to eat away my sleepiness…doesn’t work, but why do we (the royal) turn to food when we’re tired?

    BTW, taste buds DO change. Mine did – I can’t stand the taste of any artificial sweeteners, and things that I used to live on, I haven’t eaten in years.

  2. Some days are just like that. One day last week, I kept falling asleep every time I sat down. I kept looking at the clock, waiting for 8pm, so I could officially go to bed!

  3. I have problems with turning to food when I’m tired too (and it actually does help me keep going.) I also have problems with turning to coffee to get me going when I don’t drink it, but some days I’m just too tired! So, I hear ya!

  4. “Can old tastebud dogs indeed learn new tricks??? ” — LOL

    I like the idea of virtual 5Ks. Cool. And I totally have those days where I just want to sleep where I am. I have totally just laid down my upper body on my kitchen counter and rested. It’s the perfect hight. Then I can say, “I’ve been in the kitchen ALL DAY.”

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