Hello Lovelies! Are you all surviving in the Arctic tundra that is the United States these days? Brrr!!!

I talked with Amanda again on Monday and had a very productive session. We talked about how I’ve been struggling lately and what happens when I find myself in the moment of temptation, which is this: I get involved in a land war in Asia…no wait, (that’s one of the classic blunders of all time)…What I mean to say is that I find myself WARRING with MYSELF on whether or not I’m going to eat whatever tempting food just happens to be within my line of sight. Amanda and I talked about what goes on in my head in these moments and I mentioned that I inevitably get fed up and just give myself permission to eat the darn food. And then she said this (I’m paraphrasing, but this is what my brain took away from the conversation): 

Well Jill, you were on that side before, but now it’s time to come over to the other side – the side where Jill says “you are strong enough to handle this temptation. You have everything you need in order to walk away from this situation” . The Jill on this side is powerful and she can win against the Jill that just wants to give in. You have to make the effort – you have to practice at saying NO, but you have lots of support to help you make the healthy decision. You can win the Battle of Jills.

Wow, right?! This stuck with me and not just because she gave me a brilliant blog post title (get it? A Battle of Jills sounds like a Battle of Wills…get it? Oh never mind.), but because I needed to hear it. I needed a little bit of tough love, a bit of push, a bit of “you can do it”. 

She suggested that when I’m in that moment that I need to pause and think about WHY I want to lose weight and have a snapshot in my head of what I will look like once I lose the weight. Putting some space between what I want and what I want RIGHT NOW should be enough to make me rethink the situation and make a better choice. 

I’m enjoying this plan so far. I’ve even started getting up early to walk on the treadmill before work (okay, I just started today but YAY ME!) to help reach my goal of 7000 steps per day. Turns out I can get about 3000 steps walking at a moderate pace for half an hour. And by moderate, I actually mean moderate for a turtle ’cause girlfriend is SLOW these days. But it all counts, right? 🙂 

Stay toasty my friends!!