Year in Review: *sigh*

Happy New Year!

Since this is my first post of  2014, I thought I’d do a rundown of what happened in my life in 2013. Ready? Here goes:

  • Everything pretty much stayed the same all year long. 
  • The End. 

No seriously, I went back and read through all of my posts from 2013 and I think the year can best be summed up by one simple phrase: Spinning My Wheels. 

I started the year weighing 197 pounds and I finished the year weighing 197 pounds.

I started the year complaining about my job and I finished the year complaining about my job.

I started the year determined to get healthy and I ended the year determined to get healthy. 

Did I actually accomplish anything in 2013? Um…no. Not really. Oh there were declarations and resolutions and very firm “I will do this!”s, but as far as actual ACTION and COMPLETION of goals…there really weren’t any (except for doing ALL of the JNL Fusion dvds back in the summer – I’m pretty proud of that!). Reading back through my posts I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for my 2013 self. She said so many times that she was DONE and THIS IS IT and NO MORE REGRETS and at the time she really felt it, but then 3 days later her resolve turned to jello and she went back to the same old same old. 

Will 2014-Jill be any different? I don’t know. I’d like to think I learned that grand sweeping gestures and declarations are nothing without the action to back them up, but who knows? Maybe I need to change my writing perspective – instead of saying “I will do xyz” I could write about it after the fact, then I could say “I DID xyz and I was spectacular!!” Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Maybe that should be my motto for 2014? 

I’m still working the Selvera plan and Amanda says I’m doing really well. I’m actually going to agree with her! I’m still learning the plan and figuring things out, but I think I’m doing okay so far. I had a bit of a hiccup last night – nothing drastic, but I did a wee bit of anxiety eating. I am a little disappointed in myself for that, but I realize it’s a learning process and I need to give myself a break. I’ve done really well so far today, so I’ve got that going for me. 🙂 I’m eating better and as soon as my foot heals I’m going to up my activity level (a big box fell on the joint of my big toe – not the joint ON the toe, but the joint that makes up the ball of your foot. That was on Saturday and it still hurts a little bit. I think I just bruised it badly.Yes, same foot that has the plantar fasciitis. Good times.). 

What else do I have on tap for 2014? I am going to run the high school’s 5k in March, and I’m thinking of running the Color Run again in April. Also I really really REALLY want to go to a yoga class, but first I have to muster up the courage to get to that first class. I don’t know why, but for some reason I am super nervous about going. Something about walking into that class and being the new (fat) kid makes me want to hurl. But I’ll go…eventually. 🙂

I suppose that’s good enough for now. I hope you all have a good weekend – I think most of the country is ccccold right now, so I plan on getting in some good snuggle time under a blanket.

Stay warm, my friends!



8 thoughts on “Year in Review: *sigh*

  1. I totally hear you on this. I did the same thing, looking back over my blog posts, and came to realize that I had gotten no further ahead, which was pretty disheartening. Here’s hoping 2014 is my, and your, year. 🙂

  2. 2013 was productive for me in other ways, but health and fitness wasn’t one of them. I did a wee bit of anxiety eating, too: I’m at my all-time high, and there’s not even a baby inside of me. “I am a little disappointed in myself for that, but I realize it’s a learning process and I need to give myself a break.” — okay, me, too. (hug)

  3. I wish I could go to that class with you. I’d do yoga, but JUST for you. No one else. Because yoga is evil. 😉

    I’m still wondering if I shouldn’t pop by in April and do that Color Run with you…

  4. OUCH on the foot!! I’m the same about classes. I think there’s such a wide range of people taking classes that we shouldn’t feel that way. And I will say that after you finally make yourself do something uncomfortable for a while, you get quite confident. (Just ask the muscle guys–I walk right into that free weights room and use “their” bench press and bar like I owned the place!)

  5. The Selvera program sounds very do-able! I hope you find success with it! You know, spinning your wheels might not have been such a bad thing. Hey, you didn’t GAIN weight, and maybe you needed that time for your brain to stretch its way around what it’s going to take to really change. I, too, would like to do a yoga class. I did it once, several years ago, when I was 50 lbs. heavier. I was definitely the fattest girl in the class. It did seem, however, that everyone was focused on their OWN bodies and not mine. I should try it again, I bet it would be good for me!

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