I just climbed my way out of the mountain of cookies, candies, and cheesecakes and oh dear lord I’ve eaten way too much in the last week. I’m so puffy I’m considering auditioning for the role of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man in the reboot of Ghostbusters (assuming they ever do a reboot). It’s not water weight, it’s fudge weight. Trust me.

So hey, guess who decided that Christmas week was a good time to start a new diet plan? (Protip- don’t ever start a new diet plan Christmas week – you’ll be setting yourself up for failure, trust me.) I sort of officially started my new plan a week ago, but I’m just really getting rolling with it this week. What’s the plan, you ask? Well I got the opportunity to be a beta tester of sorts for a new company called Selvera – the program is so new it hasn’t even launched publicly yet (but it’s due any day now). The program focuses on 3 keys of healthy eating, exercise, a personal coach, and those super secret spy gadgets I talked about in an earlier post.

The 3 keys of nutrition for this program are Protein, Fat, and Fiber (fruits & veggies are included in the Fiber category). You aim for a certain amount of servings per day of each of the keys but the great thing about this plan is that you also get 3 servings per week of any treat food that you want – guilt free, AND you get 4-5 alcohol servings per week as well, for those of you who enjoy a nightly glass of wine. Of course you don’t have to use them, but it’s nice to know they are there if you need them. No calorie counting – yay!!

The exercise portion focuses on getting in 10,000 steps per day – however you have to get them. Included with the program is a Withings Pulse pedometer (spy gadget #1) which tracks my steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. It’s very similar to my Fitbit One (it’s not as sleek as the Fitbit, but it has a touch screen, so that’s cool). My goal for right now is to shoot for 7,000 steps per day, with an eventual goal of 10,000 steps. Last night at 11:00 I was marching in place in my bathroom while I took off my makeup so I could reach my goal. You do what you gotta do!

Also included with the program is a Withings Body Fat Scale (spy gadet #2) that measures weight, body fat, pulse, AND air quality/temperature. It also balances your checkbook and folds your laundry. Okay, that last sentence was a lie, but holy cow this scale is COOL. You can track up to 8 people on this scale, which sends the data to an app (gadget #3) on your smartphone using Bluetooth or Wifi (you can also send your pedometer data to the same app – TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME, Y’ALL). The scale is supposed to be used in your bedroom so it can monitor the air quality while your sleep, but when I try to weigh myself using the scale on the carpet, it registers my weight as being 30 pounds LESS than I actually weigh – which, you know, is kind of great, but it’s not accurate. I thought maybe if I put it on a board that might help – I haven’t tried that yet, but for now I move it to the bathroom when I want to weigh myself. I’ll have to ask my coach about that on Monday when we have our next session.

Speaking of my coach, her name is Amanda and she is a registered dietitian, which assures me she knows her stuff. She’s very sweet and encouraging and thank goodness she’s fairly laid back because she’ll need the patience of Job to work with my obstinate self. We’ll be talking on the phone once a week, but I can email or text her with questions or concerns anytime – I have a feeling she’ll be my “panic button” when I’m about to go off into a ditch of sugar! She took the time to ask about my lifestyle now, and had me track my regular meals for a week so she could get an idea about where I’m coming from nutrition-wise. This was really important to me because I canNOT handle any major changes – I need to ease my way into this, mostly so I can subtly drag my family along without them knowing that I am changing their diets as well. 🙂

As I said earlier, I’ve really just been following the plan these last 5 days. How have I done? Well let’s just say that each day is less of a train wreck than the day before. Each day I’m moving farther away from the Christmas goodies and moving towards healthier foods. Amanda set a goal for me to take a walk twice this week – I’m happy to report that I got outside and walked yesterday for about 25 minutes. The weather was beautiful (sunny and 50*) so I really wanted to take advantage of that and be outside for awhile. I’ll be honest, I really got a sense of just how OUT OF FREAKING SHAPE I have become. Good grief. It was ridiculous. I took my pulse on my pedometer and sent the data to the app and I kid you not, the app said “um…wow that resting heart rate is a little high, you might want to think about exercising more”. No kidding, thanks for the update Captain Obvious. So yeah, I have a long way to go, but at least I’m on the road and off the couch.

I’ll be reviewing my experiences with Selvera here on the blog from time to time, so you can follow along and we’ll both see how well this works. I am cautiously optimistic about it – I think it’s going to be very doable for me because it’s not restrictive and I’ll have Amanda’s help when I need it. I like it when someone holds my hand through the tough stuff.

I hope you all had a good holiday! I’m off work this week and I am LOVING it!! My pj pants are getting a lot of wear. I’m not even sorry about that. Comfort FTW!! 🙂


Dear FTC folks: I received the pedometer, scale, smartphone app, program information, and the coaching sessions for no charge in exchange for my ongoing honest review of the program. Sincerely, Me.