New blog layout

Do you love it? I do. This theme is called “Crafty”. I wish the little apple was a little pear, but I still like him. I think this layout fits my personality. 🙂

In other news, What the heck is going on in the universe lately? Everyone I have talked to is having a difficult time right now. My problems are nothing compared to some, yet I still feel super stressed right now. Thankfully I’m not diving into the sugar, instead I’m doing lots (LOTS) of deep breathing, drinking tea, and spending as much time as I can outside on my patio. I found a twice-a-week yoga class that I can go to as soon as I wrap up cheer season (this week, God willing) and I am pumped about adding in some yoga again.

I’ve got a football banquet to get through tonight, and one on Saturday, then I am D-O-N-E done! If you hear some maniacal laughing at around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, it’ll probably be me, crazy laughing at how giddy I’ll be to be done with cheer and all it’s trappings.

I haven’t mentioned all my cheer drama on here because, well, I just didn’t want to, but let me assure you it’s been hell. And it’s almost over. Can I get a “hallelujah”?!

Cheer Mom, out.

9 thoughts on “New blog layout

  1. Yes, its very cute. And cheerful! So do you mean you are spending time teaching girls how to be cheer leaders??? Good for you on the deep breathing and tea. Hey, I got myself some new Bigelow Candy Cane Lane tea, let myself throw out the box that was 2 years old. It is DIVINE! I’ve replaced my afternoon coffee with this tea (which is also a green tea) so I can feel virtuous along with enjoying myself.

    And yes, I am also experiencing some second hand stress. Makes me want to be a hermit.

    1. No I’m not the one who teaches them how to be cheerleaders, I’m the one who does all the stuff the coach can’t be bothered to do. I actually handed this task off to another mom a few months ago, but in the last 2 weeks she has dropped off the radar and I had to step back in and clean up the mess. I’m not a happy camper right now.

      LOVE that Candy Cane Lane tea. So yummy and Christmasy! 🙂

  2. Love the new blog layout! Cheerful and happy – it’s a pleasure to visit you, Jill! 🙂

    Glad your drama (and oh, I can only imagine the DRAMA that comes along with cheer squad) will be over this weekend!

  3. I love the blog layout! And as happy as I am to see those fall activities start, I’m ten times happier when they all end!! Yay for surviving football season!!! 🙂

  4. Give me an H (h!)
    Give me an A (a!)
    Give me an L (l!)
    Give me another L (l!)
    Give me an E (e!)
    Give me an L (l!)
    Give me a U (u!)
    Give me a J (j!)
    Give me an A (a!)
    Give me an H (h!)
    What does that spell? HALLELUJAH!

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