A few years ago I used to regularly read a blogger who totally had a handle on this weight loss thing. She was knowledgeable about exercise, nutrition, and even the emotional/mental side of weight loss. Her posts were informative and engaging. Many of her posts read like research papers – except instead of being dry and boring they were interesting and thought-provoking. This girl knew her sh*t. 

Except that, for all her knowledge, she wasn’t losing any weight.

She would read books, talk to doctors, post recipes…always searching for “the answer” but not really acting on anything, or acting on it only halfheartedly.  

I think at one point someone even called her on it, saying “how much more do you need to learn before you start putting it into practice?” 

I stopped reading this blogger eventually and after awhile I lost track of her. I have no idea if she’s still around these days. I hope she is and I hope she has found success in whatever she’s doing now. 

This morning I had some lab work done and although I don’t know the results yet of the bloodwork, I know my blood pressure and my weight and waist circumference. 

It ain’t pretty, y’all. 

Oh, did I mention my husband was in the room with me? He was having the same tests done and NO he did not get to see my numbers. No way in heck was I letting that happen. 

Anyway, after we were poked and prodded and then released to leave, I kept thinking “how much more do I need to learn before I start putting it into practice?” 

Here’s what I know so far:

  • I have pre-hypertension. For you non-medical folk, that means my blood pressure is creeping up to the HIGH range. Usually folks with pre-hypertension go on to develop hypertension if it is left unchecked. So if I continue to do nothing, I will develop high blood pressure and most likely have to take blood pressure regulating medicine.
  • I have plantars fasciitis. It is in my right heel and I am convinced it is because of my weight. That might not be the sole (ha!) cause, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t helping any. 
  • I am tired. Like all the time. There’s hardly ever a time when I’m NOT tired. 
  • I have heartburn. It’s weird. I feel like an old man with my antacids. 
  • Moving is getting more and more difficult. I had to bend down to tie my shoe and I was out of breath by the time I stood back up. That is so wrong on so many levels. TYING MY SHOE MADE ME OUT OF BREATH. *smh*
  • I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this list once I get my test results back. 

After we left the lab I looked at my husband and said “I have to get serious about losing weight” and he just gave a little laugh and said “Jill, you are ALWAYS serious about losing weight”, which may be true but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily always WORKING on losing weight. I told him “Well then I guess I need to get SERIOUSER.”

It makes me laugh sometimes when I make lists for “most inspirational weight loss blogger” because have they read me? When is the last time I posted some serious losses on here? 2009? A long damn time ago, I know that. I can talk and talk about WANTING to lose weight, NEEDING to lose weight, YEARNING to lose weight, but until I ACTUALLY START LOSING, it’s all just lip service. 

So here’s what I’ma do: I’m going to shut up and take action.  I’m going to train for that 5k in March 3 days a week and get my zen on with some yoga 2 days a week. I’m going to cap my calories at 1500 per day and significantly cut out the junk. That’s it. It’s not a very sophisticated plan, but it’s a plan that I can do consistently and if I can be consistent, I can lose weight. 

Hello Road, my name is Rubber. Nice to meet ya.