Dear Body,

Hey! How’s it going? Look, I know we haven’t been the best of friends for a long time, but all that is going to change. You and I, we’re going to get real cozy and get to know each other again – I’ve been trying to avoid you for way too long. It’s time for me to take a look at you and admit that you are extremely kick ass. I mean, for one thing, you grew 3 WHOLE HUMAN BEINGS inside you! That’s freaking amazing!! And you did it without any trouble at all – it was easy peasy for you. In the past, I abused you (and for that I’m sorry) and yet you continue to carry on – waking up every day and carrying me through until bedtime. I appreciate how hard you work for me and you ask so very little in return. Body, you deserve to be treated well. You deserve massages and pedicures and nice clothes and good food. And yes, you even deserve to be loved (well and often). You deserve to be treated with the highest regard, simply because you are this amazing creature designed to carry me through life. From this moment on, I will no longer ignore your needs or avoid you, or look at you with contempt, hatred, and disgust. I will get to know you again and I will appreciate everything you do for me; I will learn what it means to love you whole-heartedly. I will get you back in shape, Body – back to a healthy version of you where you feel good and can move easily through the days. I promise to feed you well and move you and love you simply because you deserve to be appreciated.  🙂  




This letter is one of the exercises in Weight Loss: The Screenplay, which I have been reading and working through for the last couple of weeks. As I wrote this letter, I came to see my body as someone who just wanted to help me – an assistant who tirelessly bends to my will and takes my abuse without complaint. I actually felt a lot of compassion for my body as I thought through this exercise – it’s hard to feel hateful towards an entity that only wants to serve you.

I’m really enjoying the message of this book – banishing the negative self-talk and retraining the brain to respond to food in a different way. The author of the book was kind enough to let me know that her book will be free for download on Amazon for today only (Friday, 10/11/13), so if you were thinking of downloading this book today is a good day to do it!  No, I don’t have an Amazon affiliate link – I just like this book a lot and I want to help spread the word about it. I think it could be beneficial for others who have body image/self-esteem issues.

So do you think you could write a letter to your body? What would be some things that you would say? Here’s an idea – tell me one thing you love about your physical body, dig deep if you have to and find something (or many things) that you like and tell me in the comments.

Have a good weekend! 🙂