Books I want you to read

Hey Kids!

Just thought I’d pop in and say howdy. I’ve been reading a lot lately and I wanted to share some books I’ve recently read. Most of these are pretty easy to read and don’t take a ton of time to get through them. I listed the prices in case you’re interested and I’ve noticed that some of these prices have changed recently so don’t expect them to stay these prices. I don’t have any affiliation with Amazon or Kindle or anything. I just like to share. Because I’m a giver like that. 🙂

In no particular order, here are some of my recent favorites: (and by recent I mean I recently read them, not that they’ve been recently released, FYI)

  • The Noticer by Andy Andrews. Wanna learn some life lessons? This is your book. All it takes is a little “perspective”. 🙂 ($9.99 on Amazon Kindle)
  • Coming Clean by Kimberly Rae Miller. What would it be like to grow up in a home of hoarders? This book will tell you. It’s the memoir of a girl who grew up with a hoarding father and a mother who just couldn’t get a handle on it. It will make you glad that your home is (reasonably) clean. ($4.99 on Amazon Kindle)
  • Pavilion of Women by Pearl S. Buck. I highlighted a lot of notes in this book. I could probably write a whole post on just this book alone – such clarity on women and their role in the world. ($7.69 on Amazon Kindle)
  • 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster. I loved the main character, Edward. He has Asperberger’s and I couldn’t help imaging Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory as Edward. It’s a funny and sad and sweet read. ($3.99 on Amazon Kindle)
  • Weight Loss: The Screenplay by Elaine Moran. You knew I would have a weight loss book in there, right? I really liked this book. I just finished reading it today and I am going to go back and re-read it and do all of the exercises that are included in it. This book is right in line with the things I’ve been exploring in weight loss lately – changing from the inside out, but what’s great about this is that the author is good at explaining WHY things work like they do. I might be talking about this more in the future, but if you want to read it for yourself, it’s only $2.99 on Amazon right now.

Now it’s your turn: What books have you read recently that you think the rest of us might like? I’m always on the lookout for new titles! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Books I want you to read

  1. Interesting mix of books! I will get some of the samples to try out. I love the kindle sample! Did I already tell you about “Crow Lake”? That is a really good book and really good writing.

  2. Great mix of books! I’m just starting to read one of Amazon bestsellers weight loss books- ” You Can Be Thin” book by Marisa Peer. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about it at Amazon and decided to buy it. Even I’ve read this book changed the people’s life. Your advice on The Screenplay by Elaine Moran book I liked too.

  3. I LOVE books so much! Your recs are great – pavilion of women is in my top 50 fave books ever (I heart Pearl S Buck!). Now I’m dying to read Coming Clean. Memoirs are my fave!

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