I’m here. Sorta.

Hey all! 

Just thought I’d check in and say “hey”! 


So, here’s what’s been rattling around in my brain for the last few days: I kinda don’t want to blog anymore. 

I’ve been blogging for 6 years (my blogiversary was something like Sept 6th – I didn’t even realize it until WordPress sent me a little Happy Anniversary message – that’s how out of touch I’ve been with my blog) and I just feel like I don’t have anything to say that I haven’t already said in the last 6 years. 

What’s crazy is that I have more followers now than I’ve ever had before! Apparently people like it when I’m almost totally silent!! How does that happen?!? 🙂

Anyway, so…yeah. I haven’t made a firm decision yet, I’m just mulling it over at this point, but blogging feels more like a chore than something I enjoy. Back in the good old days I couldn’t wait to spill my mental notes out onto the page, but now when I come here to blog, I spend lots of time staring at a the blinking cursor and it feels like it’s mocking me.

“Come on, write something!” *blink blink blink* 

Shut it, cursor blinky-thing!!

So that’s why things have been kinda quiet around here lately. It might be quiet for awhile longer. If I do decide to stop altogether, I’ll certainly let you all know because I hate it when blogs suddenly go silent without any explanation. I owe you all at least that. 🙂



Categories: fitness


  1. I think the silence on my blog says, “Gave up!” I haven’t, but I’m sure that’s the assumption. I should at least close the comments section so I stop getting all the spam.

    I get it.

  2. Well, there’s no blogging law that says you HAVE to blog a certain number of days per month…maybe just blog when you DO have something significant to say. You’ll know when that happens – and the words WILL rush out without the mocking cursor.

  3. You could always just check in once a month too. 🙂

  4. Yes, I vote for the occasional check in too! We would miss you, and I think you would miss us just a little bit too!

  5. I haven’t posted since May, and it sure hasn’t been from lack of matter! I think it’s like ironing…one shirt isn’t too bad, but then there are all the other wrinkly shirts saying, “Yo! What about us?!!” Not to mention the hassle of setting it all up just to iron one shirt…I think it’s late and I’m mixing my metaphors, but I guess I just get it.

    But like others have mentioned, I’d miss hearing from you if you went away completely. So if you do decide to hang it up and would like to stay in touch, please drop me an email!

  6. I tottally get it. I have felt the same way for a while now, and my blog reflects it. Update when you feel like it & let go of the feeling of obligation. And take care of you!

  7. A prelude to the end?Feels like it…

  8. Yes, I vote for the occasional check in too!

    – Tim

  9. First of, congratulations to keeping this blog running for 6 years. 6 years! While I’m typing this comment I can only be envious of the month categories on the right of this page. It’s a huge achievement and I think flat out giving up would be a pity.

    Perhaps you’re just losing some steam but there’s no reason to just cut it off. Keep the blog running with the occasional post and you’ll one day find the motivation to keep going.

  10. Be proud of what you have done! 6 years and you have built an awesome blog! Take a break. Follow your heart. You may be back before you know it. Or maybe you will just slow down while you pursue other things. Do what you feel happy doing 🙂

  11. Just check back every once in a while whenever you can really 🙂

  12. Well, if you feel you have nothing to write about, then you can either stop blogging, blog less often or find something interesting and fun to do and blog about it!

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