Hey all! 

Just thought I’d check in and say “hey”! 


So, here’s what’s been rattling around in my brain for the last few days: I kinda don’t want to blog anymore. 

I’ve been blogging for 6 years (my blogiversary was something like Sept 6th – I didn’t even realize it until WordPress sent me a little Happy Anniversary message – that’s how out of touch I’ve been with my blog) and I just feel like I don’t have anything to say that I haven’t already said in the last 6 years. 

What’s crazy is that I have more followers now than I’ve ever had before! Apparently people like it when I’m almost totally silent!! How does that happen?!? 🙂

Anyway, so…yeah. I haven’t made a firm decision yet, I’m just mulling it over at this point, but blogging feels more like a chore than something I enjoy. Back in the good old days I couldn’t wait to spill my mental notes out onto the page, but now when I come here to blog, I spend lots of time staring at a the blinking cursor and it feels like it’s mocking me.

“Come on, write something!” *blink blink blink* 

Shut it, cursor blinky-thing!!

So that’s why things have been kinda quiet around here lately. It might be quiet for awhile longer. If I do decide to stop altogether, I’ll certainly let you all know because I hate it when blogs suddenly go silent without any explanation. I owe you all at least that. 🙂