Out of premenstrual curiosity and a sudden fit of “I do what I want!” I stepped on the scale this morning. My reaction to the number was this:

Hmm. Okay.

Seriously, it was almost like a non reaction – I was neither pleased nor displeased with the number. It was in fact, the same number on June 1st of this year, so basically I have stayed the same all summer long.

Except that I haven’t:

  • I’ve gained a new appreciation for working out – I actually LIKE getting up early and getting my sweat on while the rest of the house sleeps.
  • I realize that my self esteem soars when I make the conscious effort to eat well and yes, eating well makes my innards feel better too.
  • I’m slowly (soooo slooooowly) ditching the idea that my worth is not tied to how I look.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t hold to my declaration of “I WILL NOT WEIGH MYSELF FOR A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!!!!”, but I I feel like 6 weeks was a pretty good run for someone who usually weighs herself daily. I don’t want to go back to daily weigh ins but I like being able to measure my progress (or lack thereof) once in a while, so I’m going to hold myself to a boundary of checking my weight once a month. I think that will be plenty for now.

And in the future if I get any grand ideas about doing something for a whole year, kindly point me to this post. 🙂