What would you do?

Hey y’all! 

This program that I’m doing has a workbook with some exercises to help you be more confident, etc and the question I’m on today is this:

What are some things would you feel most confident doing if you were the most confident version of yourself? 

What would I do if I felt good about my body and had oodles and oodles of confidence? Hmmm…I’m not sure. Let’s think about this:

  • Wear a modest 2 piece swimsuit to the pool/beach/lake.
  • Wear skirts just above the knee instead of to my ankles (like I do now)
  • Be more adventurous in bed (wink wink)
  • Allow myself to be included in photographs more often
  • Feel better about going to my kids activities and not worrying about being the fat mom

That’s all I can think of and it took me ten minutes just to come up with those 5 things. I’m going to think on this some more – I know there are more things out there I would do if I felt better about my body and myself.

I’m curious – what’s on your list? What would you do if body image or confidence issues weren’t holding you back? I’m curious as to what your answers are! 🙂


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7 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Ha! Great question.
    If body image was no issue for me, I would take that public yoga class I have been talking about and I would do it in my leggings. 🙂

  2. Great question. I would try paddle boarding. Plus many of the ones you listed as well. Definitely the shorter skirts…maybe finally wear a skirt.

  3. Hmmm. I’m wondering– the question doesn’t say anything about body or body image. Would you have different answers if you were just thinking about confidence, and not ‘confidence in how I look’? I know they’re inter-related, but is it possible to have confidence and still not be happy with your current body shape/image?

  4. Swim, take more initiative with hubby, speak up (although I’m starting to get the hang of it recently), shop for clothes (hate shopping for clothes; wearing out my old stuff).

  5. I would take my kids swimming and actually swim with them more! I think I would also wear more professional or stylish clothes, because sometimes I think I dress more to just blend in and hide my body.

  6. I agree with yours, but I’ve given up on hoping for a two-piece swimsuit, no matter how modest 🙂 Yes, I would enjoy the water more. I LOVE pools and the ocean, and I would love to splash around and pretend to do water ballet and synchronized swimming. Most of the time I feel too inhibited for that. As for the contest, I think someone should win who actually INTENDS to exercise… I don’t! 🙂

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