I got an email about a month ago from a very sweet woman named Stephanie who invited me to try her 30 Day Jumpstart program. She has a site called Step It Up With Steph and she helps women with exercise, nutrition, and most importantly of all, the mental aspect of getting healthy. This last part is what really made me want to give it a shot, so I said “sign me up”!

Guys, I really like this program. I’m almost 2 weeks in and I’m really enjoying it. The workouts are interval exercises with a focus on strength, cardio, and stretching (I love stretching after my workout!!). The nutrition portion is pretty straightforward: eat more protein and try to eat as much natural and fresh food as you can. It’s totally doable and not restrictive at all.

There are also mental exercises to do every day for the 30 days – a workbook is included with short daily activities. They don’t take long, but they make you think, and I’m slowly retraining my brain to banish the negative voices as they come and replace them with good positive thoughts.

If you want to learn more about the 30 Day Jumpstart, go to her page here. There is also a coupon for $50 off the program if you click that link, if you think you want to try it.


You can enter for a chance to win the program for free! I’m going to try and make this simple, so here’s what you need to do to enter:

1) Click the link (it will open in a new tab), check out her page, then come back here and leave me a comment about what appeals to you most about her program. Only one comment entry per person, please.

That’s it. That will get you entered for the giveaway, BUT if you want an extra entry, send the following tweet to me (@jillith71) and Stephanie (@StepItUpwSteph) telling us you want to be entered:

I’m awesome! I just entered the Sassy Pear’s giveaway for @StepItUpwSteph‘s 30 Day Jumpstart program! Woohoo!

Winner will be drawn and announced on Tuesday Sept 3, 2013. That’s a whole week to get entered. I wouldn’t be doing this giveaway if I didn’t really love the program myself, and it’s only 30 days, so what do you have to lose by entering? Nothing! And even if you don’t win, there is still the $50 coupon to be used toward the price of the program, so I encourage you to try it out.

Dear FTC Folks, I received the program free of charge, the opinions are mine alone. That is all. Love, Me.