No Scale Experiment, One Month In

Hello Lovelies!!

Well it’s been a whole month since I stopped weighing myself. I have not stepped on the scale since July 15th and I have to say…I don’t feel any different yet. I’m still behaving the same as I did when I weighed in daily – maybe it’s because I know I haven’t lost any weight. I can tell just by how my body looks and feels what I probably weigh right now – I know my body well enough to know what I weigh and I’m certain that if I stepped on the scale right now, I wouldn’t like the number that it showed.

I know the scale used to crush my self esteem, but on the flip side of that, it also gave me encouragement. When I was living well, it was usually reflected on the scale, which encouraged me to keep going, but now that I don’t have that instant feedback, I have to rely solely on how I’m feeling. And you know what? I’m not feeling so great right now. For the last ten days, my eating has been all over the place which, if I’m being honest, is a euphemism for “I’ve been eating all the crap I can get my hands on”. I’ve been sad and tired for almost 2 weeks now and I’m almost 100% certain it’s because of the food I’ve been consuming (oh and also because Mother Nature decided to grace me with her presence ten days early. Yay for Perimenopause!).

I’m going to start a new program soon that gives a sort of holistic approach to fitness. It covers working out, nutrition, and emotional eating issues altogether and I’m excited about it. I’ll let you all know how it’s going after I start and if you all behave yourselves, there might be a little sump’n-sump’n in it for you too. 🙂

My kiddos started school again today which also begins the avalanche of activities that are soon to follow. Lately I’ve been having a problem of what to cook for dinner – it just seems like there hasn’t been enough time to plan and prepare the way I like to. I thought about having a few dinners in the freezer that the hubs could put in the oven for those nights when I’m chauffeuring kids to activities. Of course lasagna comes to mind, but do you have any favorite dishes that would freeze well? The idea of bulk baking for a whole month is overwhelming to me, but I wouldn’t mind doing a week’s worth of meals on the weekend – do any of you do that? If so, do you have any tips or books or websites that I should look at? I’ve even thought of just freezing ingredients (taco meat, shredded chicken, etc) so I could quickly put something together. I’m just tossing ideas around in my head, so if you have anything that would help, I’d love to hear it.

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks in advance for your food prep ideas!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “No Scale Experiment, One Month In

  1. I don’t cook up meals for the family in advance, but I have done the taco meat or something like that before. When it gets crazy, I like the crock pot, to be honest. It’s easy to toss everything in and flip the switch for the day on low, knowing when we finally come back there will be something to eat. Often, I’ll make it in the huge one I got so there is leftovers the next night. Meals get real basic around here during the insanity of school starting too. A protein (steak? chicken? fish) a healthy carb (whole wheat pasta? purple potatoes?) and veggies (we go for the mixed frozen kind that can be microwaved up quick, or a salad.) Different spices and things can make it more interesting, but fast is the name of the game.

    On you not feeling good, I hope this plan works out well for you! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling sad. 😦

    1. Kyra, I’m constantly looking for new crock pot ideas. Since you use yours, please will you give me your favorite idea?

  2. Well, you know I love the batch cooking. For me, even making a normal recipe that serves four is batch cooking! Yes, I agree with Kyra on the crockpot cooking. The last thing I made in the crockpot was some chicken with tomatoes and onion, and I added corn and basil at the end. I think I served it over pasta. It was a little boring, so I took some out of the freezer today, and I am going to add taco seasoning to hopefully make it like taco soup. If I have an avocado, I’ll fancy it up with that. I don’t have a family, but dinner seldom takes me time, because I just have all the components in the fridge and freezer. You can do it! Just one recipe at a time.

    I like the sound of your new program. Maybe they’ll have some family cooking ideas for you too.

  3. Okay, I have no suggestions on the whole freezer meal thing because cooking is my enemy, but I wanted to say this: I think going by the feedback of *how you feel* instead of the scale is awesome, and totally the point of a no-scale experiment, right? I always used to use the scale as an extra weapon to beat myself with – I felt “bad” because I wasn’t eating the way I thought I should, and having the scale confirm that my weight was unacceptable was just an extra way of kicking myself. I hope the holistic program you’ll be embarking on will be enjoyable and enlightening!

  4. I think the idea of preparing meat ahead of time is a good one…back in the day, I used to make freezer meals but they ended up not being the lowest of calories (yes, lasagna), so I pretty much had to stop, except for things like spaghetti sauce.

    Nice going with staying away from the scale! I am looking forward to hearing about your new approach.

  5. I cook all meat the minute I walk in the door from the store. Whether it goes in the freezer or the refrigerator, it is cooked. That makes everything faster/easier.

    I had a friend who used to cook a large thing on Monday and that was dinner for Monday and Wednesday. She did the same thing on Tuesday and that was Tuesday and Thursday.

    I cook/shop on the weekend and then the refrigerator is well stocked for the week. Because I have older kids who are active, everyone helps themselves. We rarely eat together. Not saying that is what everyone should do, saying that is our reality.

  6. Some wicked person scheduled kids’ activities that put me out of the house during dinner prep time several times a week. Crock pot! I love that thing. Get home, throw some veggies in the microwave and grab an already cut up melon and call it dinner. Done in three minutes.

  7. Hello Jill and its wonderful to read your article and I enjoyed it. I think when it comes to changing our lifestyle for the better like for instance losing weight, following a particular diet program or exercise, I think celebrating those little achievements that we encounter on our journey will act as a motivation or drive to press on and discipline does really matter.
    Thank you

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