I am so over this week. This week has been crammed full of errands and activities and I am just OVER IT. The saddest thing of all? This is only the beginning.

My kids start school next week, but all of their activities started this week (actually some of it started last week, too) and I am already overwhelmed. This week I’ve had a funeral (not someone I knew personally, but the father of a neighbor we are very close to – still very sad though), cheer practice has started again, band practice for my son, trying to get my daughter her 7th grade vaccinations, meetings, an open house for the votech my son will be attending this year, uniform pickup, my sister’s birthday, and that doesn’t even include going to the grocery store and doing household stuff.

I feel like it all snuck up on me this week. I’ve been in such a blissful state all summer long with having very little required of me or my time. Having twenty things to do all in one week felt like a sucker punch to the jaw. It’s kind of been like this:

May: Yay! School’s out!! Activities are over!! Bring on summer!!

June: Chillin’ out. Relaxing. Going to the lake, having picnics, good times, good times. 

July: Hanging out. Taking a vacation. Napnapnapnapnap. 

August: BAM! 


I mean really, my head is spinning!

Hopefully after school starts I’ll get used to being in a routine and it won’t be too painful to get back in the groove.

Until then, I’m just going to put my head down and sob softly and try to get through the rest of this week without losing my ever-lovin’ mind. If you don’t hear from me, I’ve probably run away to the Islands (I don’t know which islands, any islands will do at this point) and am sitting under an umbrella with a fruity drink in hand. I’ll send you a postcard.