Been caught stealin’


Can I just ask…what in the hell are you doing? Why are you copying my posts and putting them on your blog? Did you ask my permission to do that? No, you did not. Therefore, you are a thief. A thief of words. You sit on a throne of lies! 

And why link back to me? I mean, thanks, I guess, but the whole thing is super weird, so just stop. Why not try writing your own content? Heck, I do it, so it can’t be that hard, right? Just bang out some words on your keyboard and voila! Blog post! 

So in conclusion, please cease and desist copying my posts and putting them on your blog. Don’t make me get Lawyer J. Noble Daggett involved in this. He’s a gritty one. (See what I did there?)


The Sassy Pear

11 thoughts on “Been caught stealin’

  1. Wow, Just wow! I think the fact the theif just reposted your whole blog is weird. Not a funny haha you’re weird but eww creppy stalker weird. I am sorry !

  2. It’s incredible what some people think is OK – because that is absolutely not OK in the least!!! I had a guy steal my pictures and post them on his FB page, pretending I was his sister – he was trying to cyber date someone and wanted to show a “real” family. CREEPY.

  3. Found it by following the link back to her blog? Strange on so many levels. Is she someone you “know” or literally she copied, linked, you read/found?

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