A while back Vickie made a comment relaying something that Roni had previously posted:

“There definitely is a correlation between what I eat and what I want to eat.” 

I’ll admit that at the time, I didn’t fully understand that statement. It was one of those things that just didn’t really sink in for me and I went about my merry way. 

I get it now. 

Oh boy howdy, do I get it. 

When I’m filling up with veggies and lean proteins and healthy fats, I want to eat MORE veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. However, if I eat tortilla chips and white bread, guess what I want? MORE tortilla chips and white bread and ice cream and candy bars and cookies and cake and…and…and…

So. Lesson learned. Note to Self: If you want to eat healthy things, you need to EAT HEALTHY THINGS. 

Okay, that is all. Just wanted to point that out to myself and anyone else who may be interested. 🙂