Call a wrecker!

You know the analogy that compares straying from your eating plan with getting a flat tire on your car and how you don’t get out and slash the other three tires simply because you have one flat? Well, tonight I not only got a flat tire and slashed the other three, I also keyed the side of my car repeatedly and then kicked out the headlights. Then I tore off the windshield wipers and parked under a tree so a bird could crap on it. 



8 thoughts on “Call a wrecker!

  1. This made me laugh! I’ve never actually heard that analogy before. The one I like is that if you skip brushing your teeth one day (or don’t stick to your diet/exercise plan), you don’t say “well, I might as well give up and never brush my teeth again”. You get up the next morning, have your breakfast, and brush your teeth.

    As you talked about in your last post (I think it was you), when you start the day off badly it can just spiral down and down. Luckily tomorrow is always a new day.

  2. Not this one specifically but I’ve heard a cell phone analogy that I you drop your phone and your screen cracks you don’t proceed to stomp on your phone an jump on it. No, you pick it up and take even better care of it to make it last longer!

    You can do this!

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