Well, shoot. 

I was doing so great with No Junk June and then yesterday happened. I think I set myself for failure right from the get-go (Not from the gecko. Please don’t ever say that.) and it pretty much went downhill all the way until dinner time. Here’s what went down:

I woke up yesterday, did my work out, had my protein shake and started getting ready for the day. Usually I take my breakfast to work with me and eat it about 9:00, but yesterday I had to take my son to get his braces off and for some reason I thought I would be okay with just having the protein shake at 6:00 and not having anything else until lunch (wrong move #1). On the way to the orthodontist I realized I forgot my lovely travel mug of coffee at home (wrong move #2) and I nearly had a panic attack. Okay, I didn’t nearly have a panic attack but I was slightly bummed out because I love my morning coffee and wanted to drink it while I waited for my son to finish his appointment. After the appointment he wanted to get breakfast at McDs because we needed a wifi hotspot and I needed coffee, pronto, so off we went. I didn’t want to get anything to eat, because hello No Junk June and McDs is practically the junk food capitol of the world, so I just ordered a SF/FF vanilla latte (wrong move #3) and nothing else. By the time I dropped my son off with my husband and got back to work, it was almost lunch time (we take lunch at 11:00) and so I ate my lunch of a chicken breast with a spinach salad then sat at my desk and worked for a little while. I got hungrier earlier in the afternoon than usual, so I ate some cherries and cottage cheese about 1:30, and decided to save my apple for later, only for some reason I never ate my apple and got home and was starving (wrong move #4). I picked at some watermelon, then fixed myself a small wrap (whole wheat tortilla, avocado, and turkey lunch meat) thinking that would satisfy my hunger until dinnertime. After I ate the wrap I started thinking about what to have for dinner because I hadn’t planned anything (wrong move #5) and for the life of me, I could not think of anything to fix! Seriously it was like my brain said “nope! see ya later!” and I wandered around the kitchen trying to think of something. This went on for some time before my poor hungry husband finally took over and started fixing his go-to meal: pancakes. The kind from a box mix. With bacon and syrup also. I battled myself for awhile and then finally gave in and just ate the damn pancake already so I could be done with food for the day (wrong move #6). Eating the pancake just set me up for cravings and so when I saw the caramel brownies sitting on the counter (brownies I had made for my husband on Sunday and wasn’t phased by them at all) I cut one out and ate it, then decided that brownies taste best when accompanied by ice cream so I grabbed a little half-cup carton (the kind you used to get in elementary school, wooden spoon not included) of vanilla ice cream and went to town on it (wrong move #7). 

Of course immediately after I ate it, I felt disappointed and mad at myself for giving in so easily, but when I thought back on the day as a whole, I realized I had set myself up by not eating breakfast and it just snowballed from there. I’m mad that I let things get away from me like that, but then I realized that one bad food day out of the last two weeks really isn’t a catastrophe. I forgave myself, and today I’m carrying on my wayward son (now you’ll have that song stuck in your head all day. you’re welcome.) – I have my coffee by my side and I’ve already had a green smoothie for breakfast, in addition to my morning workout and protein shake. I’ve got my lunch and a couple of snacks with me (fruit and nuts) and dinner is planned out in my head. I still have 15 days left in this No Junk challenge and I’m going to make the best of them. 

So that’s my confession for the day. I messed up, but I’m over it and back in the saddle again today, trying to get where I’m going. I haven’t arrived, but I’m making an effort and that’s what counts. 🙂