And that’s why I worked out at 2 am

Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner and in full disclosure, I ate very healthy but I did have a margarita. Is alcohol considered junk food if you only have it every few months? I thoroughly enjoyed the first one but after I poured the second one, I realized I didn’t really want it anymore so it just sat there and the ice melted until it was a very weak alcoholic lime-aid. Blech. 

So because I only have a drink every so often, I always forget that alcohol interferes with my beloved sleep. I just never can get into a good deep sleep when I have a drink, be it wine, margaritas, or blech beer. So there I am in bed trying to will myself to sleep at 11:30 when my husband stumbles in after spending an extra amount of time with our neighbor out on the patio telling alcohol-fueled manly stories of their glory days. They had had quite a few margaritas and let’s just say my husband needed some “care” and leave it at that. After I finally got his drunk ass in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I stared at the ceiling. I tried to count backwards from 100. I read my book. Nothing was helping and as the hours ticked by, I knew that I was going to be super tired this morning and most likely wouldn’t want to do my workout. Then I thought, well why not do it now? I wasn’t sleepy so I might as well make use of the time I was awake and get it done and over with. Plus I hoped that it would wear me out enough that I would fall sleep. So I got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and banged out a bunch of squats and some other incredibly ridiculous exercises for the next half hour. When I was done, I was sweaty and satisfied and although it took awhile for me to cool down, I finally drifted off to sleep about 3:30. When my alarm rang at 6:15, I was so glad I had already worked out because I was TIRED with a capitol SLEEPY. 

Today I’m feeling racked out and blah, but I plan on going to bed embarrassingly early tonight (hello 3rd grade bedtime). I never in a million years would have thought I would voluntarily work out in the middle of the night. I fully expect people in Hades to be wearing parkas today. 

9 thoughts on “And that’s why I worked out at 2 am

  1. Haha I’ve never worked out in the middle of the night, but could definitely see the temptation when you can’t sleep! I think alcohol probably is a ‘junk food’ but I have no problem at all with having it in moderation, as with most things… PS I love 3rd grade bedtimes too. And naps 🙂

  2. You seem to be looking at life from a different angle, and I love it! No, working out at 2:00 am is not something you’ll probably do on a regular basis, but just the fact that you considered it (much less DID IT) is pretty awesome!

  3. Hey, nice job! I’ve done that! Not often, mind you, because my family would probably have me committed… Alcohol ruins my sleep to. If I have anything to drink, it’s gotta be around lunch time or I’m miserable! I hope you sleep in tomorrow!

  4. Alcohol does the exact opposite to me. It makes me super sleepy, that’s why I did not have anything at the barbecue yesterday. I think the combination of that and the allergy medication I took early would’ve made me fall asleep with my face in my potato salad. I had a hard time as it was not to fall asleep on the way home.

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