Last night we had our neighbors over for dinner and in full disclosure, I ate very healthy but I did have a margarita. Is alcohol considered junk food if you only have it every few months? I thoroughly enjoyed the first one but after I poured the second one, I realized I didn’t really want it anymore so it just sat there and the ice melted until it was a very weak alcoholic lime-aid. Blech. 

So because I only have a drink every so often, I always forget that alcohol interferes with my beloved sleep. I just never can get into a good deep sleep when I have a drink, be it wine, margaritas, or blech beer. So there I am in bed trying to will myself to sleep at 11:30 when my husband stumbles in after spending an extra amount of time with our neighbor out on the patio telling alcohol-fueled manly stories of their glory days. They had had quite a few margaritas and let’s just say my husband needed some “care” and leave it at that. After I finally got his drunk ass in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I stared at the ceiling. I tried to count backwards from 100. I read my book. Nothing was helping and as the hours ticked by, I knew that I was going to be super tired this morning and most likely wouldn’t want to do my workout. Then I thought, well why not do it now? I wasn’t sleepy so I might as well make use of the time I was awake and get it done and over with. Plus I hoped that it would wear me out enough that I would fall sleep. So I got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and banged out a bunch of squats and some other incredibly ridiculous exercises for the next half hour. When I was done, I was sweaty and satisfied and although it took awhile for me to cool down, I finally drifted off to sleep about 3:30. When my alarm rang at 6:15, I was so glad I had already worked out because I was TIRED with a capitol SLEEPY. 

Today I’m feeling racked out and blah, but I plan on going to bed embarrassingly early tonight (hello 3rd grade bedtime). I never in a million years would have thought I would voluntarily work out in the middle of the night. I fully expect people in Hades to be wearing parkas today.