First, let me shout it to the heavens that I am wearing a size 16 again!! I knew the 18s were getting loose, but when I stepped into a dressing room yesterday and saw just how awful they looked on me, I knew it was time to give them up. I stuck with them because I felt like they hid a lot, but really all they were doing was making me look bigger than I already am. So I bought a new pair of size 16s and they fit! Yay! I have 2 pair of size 14s that I bought 2 years ago that have never been worn, so when these 16s get too big (and they will) I already have 2 pair of new jeans that will be waiting for me. Woohoo! 

I’m still rocking along with No Junk June. I had a Moment of Truth earlier this week when my sugar pusher neighbor Mr. Brown came over and brought me a slice of cake. I was conflicted. I didn’t want to mess up NJJ…but there was cake staring me in the face. What to do??? I must have stared at that cake for two whole minutes while I warred with myself over whether or not I would eat it. I finally decided NOT to eat the cake and gave it to my boss instead. A very large victory was won that day!! 

I’m still working out every morning and sweating and grunting like it’s not about to kill me or anything. My husband got up early this morning and the poor soul tried to ask me questions while I was in the middle of some fairly challenging tricep extensions. My husband has no idea how close to death he came. For future information, don’t talk to me while I’m working out, don’t ask me questions that will require me to think, and especially don’t do these things before I’ve had coffee!! I will probably growl at you in lieu of an answer. So basically don’t talk to me before 7 am – after that I am showered and am sipping my first cup of java and will pleasantly answer any and all questions you may have. Following these rules will ensure that my wrath will not end up on your head. It’s a win-win for everyone if we observe and respect them. 🙂

Okay kids, that’s all I got for now. Have a good weekend!