I took this morning off work because my 2 older kids are going away to camp this week (and leaving at 2 different times, hence the entire morning off) and we shipped the youngest one off to grandma’s house, so that means for the next 5 days all my chicks will be out of the nest. I am alternately thrilled to death and worried to death. It’s going to be so quiet around here I won’t know what to do with myself! Situations like this can lead to a bit of anxiety eating, so I’m going to have to watch that. 

The first week of No Junk June was a success! I ate healthy all week long and I worked out 6 days in a row last week. I haven’t worked out 6 days in a row since…well never really. In college I used to walk every day and by walk I mean POWER WALK LIKE A MUTHA. I’m serious, my roommate was serious about her walk and she always dragged me along for the ride. But since then? Not so much. 

The first four days were probably the hardest. Fighting off the cravings for junk food and working out every morning at 5:30 really wore me out. Friday night though, I slept for TEN HOURS, and since then, I’ve felt pretty good. Working out at 9:00 Saturday morning was weird, but I did it. Sunday was a rest day, and yes, I did rest. I rested like a boss. Thank You God for naps! 🙂

Oh! I got new shoes. I went to the running store and Drew set me up with some purple Brooks and oh my gosh I feel like I’m walking on a cloud in these things!! I worked out in them on Saturday morning and they felt great. I loosened up the laces this morning when I worked out and I had some discomfort, so I think the key is keeping them tight enough so that my foot doesn’t move around too much inside, but if I tighten them too much my foot gets anxious and feels like it can’t breathe (sounds weird, but I think my foot has claustrophobia!!). Drew also offered some insoles, but I couldn’t tell the difference between having them in or out, but I might still consider getting them. And also while I was there, I bit the bullet and bought a Juno Moving Comfort sports bra – I love this thing but my goodness! It takes me forever to get thing on and off!! I get a work out just trying to shimmy into it! But man, it holds the girls in VERY WELL which is nice. 

I find it interesting that I scoffed when my husband offered to buy me a $150 handbag last week, but I have no problems whatsoever dropping $200 on sports gear. My priorities are weird, no? 

So I’m starting week 2 of No Junk June and week 2 of JNL Fusion. Let’s see if I can keep up the momentum – Oooh the suspense!! 🙂