Holy DOMS Batman!! I did the JNL Shoulder Shredder DVD yesterday and the Lower Body Fusion today and I think I now know how the Tin Man felt before Dorothy greased him up (wow that sounds dirty. Like a Wizard of Oz porno. EW.). But sore? Yeah, I am. In a good way. Oh, and as a special bonus, my husband watched me do today’s workout. As if I didn’t feel enough like a dancing hippo, I had to deal with my self-consciousness about him watching. He never said anything disparaging (he knows what would happen if he did *deathanddestruction*) and he was even encouraging, but having him watch brought things to a whole ‘nother level. A whole new level of being very super aware that I am FAT. Dancing in a room full of other overweight women? I can do that, no problem. Doing squats while my husband sits on the couch and watches from behind? Kill me. Kill me now. I let him watch because I wanted to him to see just how hard I was working and that I was making the effort – I plan to use this in my favor at some point in the future. I haven’t decided how, but it’ll be there when I need it. 🙂 

I bought new shoes last Saturday at our local sporting goods store and hey guess what? I hate them. They kill my feet. They’ll be fine for walking, but for doing jumping jacks and other jump-y things they are horrible. My arches and the outside of my foot ache terribly when I’m wearing them so I end up kicking them off and doing the DVDs barefoot, which so far hasn’t been bad, but I don’t think I should keep doing that. Does anyone know if a running store could help me with that? Even though I’m not running, I figure they know exercising feet and might be able to fit me in a shoe that won’t make me cry when I work out. 

This is me right now. Awkward and uncomfortable but willing to be that way while I change. 

Have a great day!