Three times in the last week the saying “change your thoughts, change your life” has popped up in various places – a couple of times on the internet and once on the tv or radio (I can’t remember which), but God knows that when he sends me a message, I rarely get it the first time, so He has to keep repeating Himself until I go “Oh wait! That must mean something for me!” I’m listening now. I get it. So I’ve been thinking it over and what does it mean to change your thoughts? For me, it means doing things a new way:

Old Thought: standing in front of the fridge at 7 am and wondering what to bring for lunch for the workday.

New Thought: packing my lunch the night before so I can take my time and make good choices.

Old Thought: standing in front of the fridge at 7 pm wondering what to make for dinner.

New Thought: shop/chop/make a menu over the weekend so I have plenty of options for dinners throughout the week.

Old Thought: I’m too tired to work out and I’m too out of shape to do anything other than walking.

New Thought: Working out will energize me and if I can make it through last night’s Zumba session without dying then dammit I can do anything!

I think for me, the key is in the planning. For a really long time (probably since I’ve been alive) I’ve been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person which sounds freeing and fun, but really it’s left me feeling frazzled and out of control more often than not. I hope that getting into the habit of pre-planning will help change my thinking which will eventually change my habits and eventually will change how I live my life.

Do you find that pre planning is key in your weight loss or maintenance? How do you prepare for the upcoming week?