Hey guys!! 

I’m here, I’m fine, things have been a little hectic lately but I’m good. The tornado in Moore last week weighed heavily on my mind and it was hard to write about weight loss when so many people have lost their homes, their belongings, and some even their lives. Thanks so much for all your kind words in my last post – I appreciate you all. We visited my sister in Norman (which is right next to Moore) over the holiday weekend and on our way back we drove past some of the damage – it was unreal. You just can’t imagine how disconcerting it is to see a mangled car resting upside down INSIDE of a house or to see an entire convenience store (gas pumps and all) just leveled the way high grass gets bent when you walk over it. If you know anything about Oklahoma, you know there’s a church on every corner, and thankfully at every church in Moore is an aid station. Chances are if a victim of the tornado doesn’t have food or water or clothing, it’s because they are too proud to ask for it – there was so much being offered to victims it was amazing. They have a long road ahead, but they’ll be okay eventually. 

I’ve got some posts that I’m working on and I’ll roll them out in the next day or so about how to make the transition from slug to super hot babe (or at the very least, less slug-like) so check back tomorrow. I’m serious guys, I’m done being forty, fat, and frumpy. It ends now.