10 thoughts on “I think this sums it up nicely

  1. I can SO relate. I just found your blog via My Journey to Fit, and I’m glad I did. You sound like someone I can relate to and enjoy! I get tired of the journey, too. I’ve been on it so long I’m not sure I can remember when I wasn’t. I, too, have graduated goals: ones I can live with, and ones that are ridiculously insane. Some days I’m brave, and some days I’m a coward. Some days I’m truthful, and some days I lie to myself. I despise roller-coasters, I don’t know why I’m on this one!!

  2. I don’t know if I’ll *ever* be who I want to be. It’s a scary thought. It’s so hard to have high expectations of yourself and continue to fall short, over and over. Someday, if I ever get out of that netherworld of the In Between, I may finally feel like my authentic self.

    I hope it happens before I’m an old woman.

  3. Here here, we all have times when we set lofty unrealistic goals, or simply take a time out, day off or go for seconds/thirds. But so what if what I want and where I am going are not always in line. It’s such a long journey and there are times we just need to take a time out 🙂

  4. Aren’t we all caught there? You need to get specific about what you want and then take action steps to get there. The thing that holds you back is fear, whether this is an obvious fear, or a hidden unconscious fear.

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