Good for me

  • Lunch by the fireplace at my favorite sandwich shop. Perfect on a cold rainy day!
  • Getting lost in a good read
  • Time spent with friends
  • Browsing antique stores
  • Nice perfume
  • Massages
  • Yoga
  • Hot tea

These are just a few things that make me feel really, really good. They are things that I am going to incorporate at least once a week into my busy life. I won’t get to do all of them every week, but I want to do at least a few of them regularly. Because being good to myself is good for me. 

What about you? What are some things that are good for you? 

9 thoughts on “Good for me

  1. dinner with my husband and kids
    hand sewing in my couch with the sun shining on my back
    watch my boston terrier run
    talk to my mom and my mother in law
    see my daughter swimming butterfly
    eat mangoes!

  2. Nice new colour!

    I just talk to my cat. I don’t understand what he answers, but he does answer! And now he’s licking my plate o.O. Good thing I’ve finished eating.

  3. A looooong soak in the tub with some scented bath salts, followed by slathering myself in my favorite Bath & Body Works lotion. I always feel so relaxed and pampered when I get a good bath.

  4. Dancing in my kitchen. Yoga (for dummies). Meditation. A cup of hot coffee while sitting next to my fireplace on a cold day. My kids snuggling next to me. Being in the moment.

  5. Putting the phone on silent and curling up in my sweats with a good book and hot tea. Going for a walk in the woods. Stretching for a long time when I get back. Making homemade cards and envelopes. Love this blog!

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