Protein > Sugar

So after Tuesday’s long rambling post, I think I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. That’s the plan anyway. 🙂

I decided to try another WW meeting last night, not because I don’t like my Saturday morning meeting, but I’m finding that when I go on Saturday mornings I also like to stop at the big shopping center nearby and I end up spending a lot of time and money there. Once in a while is okay, but it’s getting to be a habit that could quickly get out of control. Plus my house is a wreck and needs some TLC this weekend, so not having to get up and go to my Saturday meeting will allow for more time to get stuff done at home. 

I liked the Thursday evening meeting. The leader is a cute little Southern gal who is maybe in her late 20’s and I really liked her laid-back style. The only drawback to this meeting is that I didn’t get home until 7pm (because I stopped at the grocery store after my meeting), which made it feel like a really short evening. I’m thinking Thursday nights will be Crock Pot Night if I continue to go to the evening meeting. 

I’m happy to report that I lost a pound – even though I weighed in at 5pm AND I was wearing jeans (lightweight jeans, but jeans nonetheless). So according to WW I now weigh 192.8 which brings a total loss of 4.2 pounds. Recap: I lost 5.8 pounds in February and gained 2.6 pounds in March. I’m striving to make April a losing month – it will be interesting to see if being off the birth control will make a difference. I do want to add that on MY scale this morning I spied 189.4. Squee!! I desperately want to be out of the 190s. Actually I desperately want to be in the 130s, but 189.4 is a start. 😉

Oh, and something else to report: I am on Day 4 of NO SWEETS. I’ve had no sweet, sugary snacks nor have I added sugar to my coffee or tea (caveat – I added Vanilla Almond milk to my coffee, so there’s that, but I didn’t add any extra sugar like I usually do, so I’m counting it as a victory). What’s interesting to me is that when I don’t have sugar to fall back on for snacks? I go for protein. Nuts, string cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt…those have been my go-to snacks this week. Each day I tell myself, “just do it today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just see if you can do it today”, and each day I have. I don’t know how long I’m going to try and keep this up – I don’t have a goal in mind, I’m just going to go day by day and see what happens. I might cave tomorrow (weekends are hard, y’all) or I might breeze right on through, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

In the interest of keeping it short and sweet, I’m going to wrap it up here. Have a good weekend, kids! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Protein > Sugar

  1. I give you credit for doing an evening meeting – I could NEVER do it. I am one of those people what won’t eat or drink anything until I weigh in (for a long time my meeting was at noon on Thursdays – I would drink one glass of water at 8 am and nothing else – I was kind of neurotic). I love my Saturday morning meeting – For my Thursday meeting I would be “bad” through the weekend. At least now I am forced to be good on Thursday night (pizza night – so only 2 pieces), and Friday night (kids have swimming so I just grab something small and light), I am “bad” on Saturday and try to be back to normal on Sunday. I have 2 meetings to pick from 7 or 8:30 – I try to do the 7:00 to get me up, and none of the stores are open yet when the meeting is over (the meeting used to be across the street from a Target and Costco – talking about spending lots of $ right after a meeting).

    1. I was that way too Jessey, but I feel like if I’m losing weight from week to week, it’s going to show up no matter when I weigh in. And if the evening meetings are more convenient, I’m more likely to keep going, so there’s that. 🙂 And yes, there’s a Target near my meeting. And a Hobby Lobby. And a TJ Maxx, and and and…lots of places for me to get into trouble! 🙂

  2. Did you put that video ad in there, or does it just happen to go with what you are talking about? I thought it was hilarious!

    Anyway, a net loss of 4.2 pounds is not to be sneezed at, right? And 4 days with no sugar? Right after the sweetest weekend of the year? Yes, that is amazing. Just keep on keeping on. One day at a time.

    1. Ha! No, I didn’t put the video ad in there, I guess WordAds did that. 🙂 And the reason I’ve been without sugar for 4 days is BECAUSE it was the sweetest weekend of the year. 🙂

  3. Oh you’re doing so good. Four days with no sugar.

    I so much needed to be reminded of what you said at the end.
    “Each day I tell myself, “just do it today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just see if you can do it today”, and each day I have. I don’t know how long I’m going to try and keep this up – I don’t have a goal in mind, I’m just going to go day by day and see what happens.” Guess I forgot. Thanks Miss Jill.

  4. “I added Vanilla Almond milk to my coffee” – There’s an idea for me! Sugar in my coffee has been my exception to sweets (coffee is my medicine and it helps the medicine go down — yes, I’m being serious, don’t look at me that way ;). That sounds really good!

    One of my favorite snacks is raw almonds with pitted dates.

    1. It’s not as sweet as adding sugar, but it takes away some of the bitterness of black coffee. I wish I could just drink it black, but…ew.

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