I’ll go Jackie Chan on that cake, I mean it!

Hey Friends!! How was your Easter?

First things first – my sweet friend and fellow blogger Kyra is in the first round of an art contest and she needs your votes. So please go here and ignore all the slutty fairies (okay, they aren’t all slutty, only some) and find her White Rabbit painting, then scroll past the artwork down to where all the names are. Find Kyra Wilson and check the box next to her name and then click on the “vote” button below that. This means a lot to her and besides being super talented, she’s a great person who deserves to win. It takes only a minute to vote, and I know she will really appreciate it. 🙂

Man, I gotta tell ya, I had a fabulous weekend. I took off work Friday to go visit my old BFF who was going to be in our hometown for the weekend. I haven’t been back to my hometown since my high school reunion 4 years ago, but that was a quick trip and I didn’t get a chance to really look around the town like I wanted, so this time I made sure to have plenty of time to check out my old stomping grounds. My parents moved from my hometown when I was 22, so I really don’t have a reason to go back and visit even though it’s only a couple of hours away. Most of my friends have moved away also, so unless there’s a special reason, I just don’t go home anymore. Anyway, I met up with D (whom I’ve known since I was 12, but we weren’t BFFs until college where we lived together) and we drove every inch of that town. Let me tell you, Memory Lane is a long, long road. I drove past my old house (the house that when I dream I’m home – it’s always this house) and there were cars in the driveway and the garage door was open – I was thisclose to stopping and asking if I could look inside. I didn’t want them to call the cops on the crazy crying lady though, so I drove on past.  We snuck in to our old high school (and by snuck, I mean we walked right in – it was 4pm and the doors were still open but there were only a handful of people there. No one seemed to notice the two middle aged women roaming the halls) and looked around, we went to the lake and tried to find our names that were spray painted on the spillway nearly 25 years ago (they weren’t there anymore, most likely washed away by the elements or covered over by the other 24 graduating classes since ours), we drove by the houses where our friends used to live…it was a very bittersweet day. I didn’t realize how much I missed that town until I was there this time. I have to admit, I had a really good childhood growing up in that town. I was dismayed to see that it was a little smaller and a little less shiny than I remembered, but it’s still there and that’s what counts. There’s been talk of a 25 year high school reunion and if that happens I will definitely go. I already want to go back right away!

Saturday was a day of running errands, and then Sunday was Easter. Good church service, excellent lunch (made by yours truly), and a big nap. Does it get any better than that? No, no it does not. 🙂

I gotta say though, I really overdid it on Sunday. After a heavy lunch, my mom brought over a cheese cake and my neighbors sent over some really cute cupcakes they had made – and I gorged myself on all of it. Oh, I was disgusted with myself. I was digging into another slice of cheesecake later that afternoon while watching The Bible on History Channel (well done, History Channel!) and my son said “wow mom, you must really like that stuff” and suddenly I realized that Jesus probably wouldn’t be so impressed with my gluttony. Actually I wasn’t impressed with my gluttony either, so I got up and tossed the rest of the cheesecake in the trash and was done. I drank hot tea and water for the rest of the evening – I didn’t even eat dinner because I was so full from everything I had eaten earlier in the day.

Yesterday I decided that I needed a break from the sweet stuff, so I planned on having no sugary treats all day. I was resolved that I would not let processed sugar pass my lips all day. I didn’t even put sugar in my coffee or tea (and I was strangely satisfied with that)…but then about 2:00 in the afternoon, my pusher the little old man across the street brought me a slice of Easter Bunny cake – you know the cakes you see in the bakery that are shaped like a bunny? He brought me the bunny’s butt – the part with all the extra icing. It was pink and fluffy and I didn’t want it. I really didn’t. But old habits die hard, and I took a bite. It wasn’t that good, but I took another bite and another until I had finished off the whole slice. And then I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling disappointed in myself, realizing that I’m going to have to take a stand and JUST SAY NO. I can’t keep defeating my own agenda – I can’t keep letting my emotions override my logic.

So today I’m going to try again.  I’m going to say no to the sweet stuff today – just today, that’s all I have to worry about. If cake or chocolate or a treat comes my way, I’m going to use my sweet ninja skills to block the attack and it will end up in the trash. With dish soap poured over it. And coffee grounds dumped over that. And if I can get my hands on some bacon grease, I’ll add that too. Because I’m tired of the defeat and I deserve a little victory in my life, that’s why.

So that’s the plan anyway. I gotta go brush up on my roundhouse kicks and throat punches so I’ll be ready when the sweets jump out at me from behind the corner. Anyone have any ninja stars they can loan me for awhile? 🙂

14 thoughts on “I’ll go Jackie Chan on that cake, I mean it!

  1. Oh my, that dear food pusher has got to stop! Can someone else open your door when it’s him? I know you don’t want to hurt his feelings, but this food delivery is serious sabotage for you.

    It’s not just emotional eating. There is a huge amount of physical/brain/body stuff going on. Which I realize you know. You’re dealing with a drug and when you withhold the drug, your body/brain tells you to get more.

    My therapist talks about how a binge is like an ocean wave. If you stop it before it crests, you can stop it. If the wave crests, then you are done for and there is no stopping that wave. Your rational brain disengages & your addiction brain takes over. That’s why, for me, when I binge it’s like I’m standing outside of myself, watching. Watching while I do things I don’t want to do, but do them anyway. The apostle Paul talks about that, too. Romans 7:15– “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” So we are in good company.

  2. Is it wrong that the fact it was the bunny’s butt just cracked me up? ‘Cause it did. 😉 I’m all ninja’ing my No today too. We got this!

  3. those darn Easter treats got me too! and I hosted dinner at my house and everyone insisted on leaving all the breads and desserts at my place…thanks a lot guys, I too had to just start throwing stuff away out of fear I would sit and eat it…I guess I still have some issues lol

  4. Thanks for joining me over in my blog. I’m flipping through yours and thinking we could be mutual support on this WW thing! You are far more committed to the tea thing than I am, though! I’m still happy with my Bigelow Constant Comment from the grocery store. I spend a fortune on Starbucks coffee and I’m afraid if I experiment with “good” tea, I’ll end up with another addiction. 🙂 ~Bird

    1. I will absolutely support you in WW!! And Constant Comment is still one of my faves – the loose tea thing is new for me, but I’m finding it to be a lot of fun! 🙂

  5. The challenge is hard but the success could be sweet! Oops! I mean it would be great 🙂 I support you I’m also trying to avoid sweets and eating too much and the greatest struggle for me was avoiding junk foods. Ugh! Doritos, you’re too salty and I know you’re deceiving me to crave for more.

  6. OMG! I know what You Mean. I had made a resolve too to take it easy on the sweets after our family Easter get together. But, a cousin of mine brought over his new girlfriend to the house so we could meet her and of course he brought over a delicious, mouth watering carrot cake. I just couldn’t resist and dove right in… Now, time to work it off,, lol.

  7. “I drove past my old house (the house that when I dream I’m home – it’s always this house)” — Made me smile. I actually did go to the door and asked to look around. They were very accommodating. I had only been 2-4 when I lived there, but it was so cool to see the same fireplace and lay-out, etc. It brought back feelings sometimes more than memories.

    This is going to be an odd thing to say, but sometimes I wish I could say, “I have diabetes and can’t have any sweets,” to friends and family. Then, the pushers would have to lay off and respect my health. How would “I’m preventing diabetes and have to avoid sweets” do? (But don’t send any of that gross sugar-free dessert-wanna-be’s. Thanks.)

    I would totally be tempted by a bunny butt.

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and I already love it. I laughed right out loud about pouring dish soap over sweets in the garbage – my girlfriends and I always say that! I am on WW too and we weigh about the same. I’d love to even get down to 160 – but 145 is my ideal (in my head at least). Anyway, I just felt the need to comment to say how much I can relate and look forward to reading 🙂

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