Hello Friends! 

Okay, let’s get this over with: my last weight in (on Saturday) was up…again. I weighed in at 193.8 which is a gain of 1.4 pounds, making my total loss a mere 3.2 pounds. 


Through some insane magic (or my monthly cycle, same thing really) I must have peed a dozen times yesterday and according to my scales at home, I peed out 2 pounds of…something. Salt, maybe? Whatever it was, it’s gone now that’s for sure and all my rings fit better today. Yesterday I felt more clear-headed and in control than I’ve felt in a long time. I was super-productive at work, and checked off several things on my to-do list. I don’t know what’s going on…but I like it! 

Subject change: can we just talk about tea for a minute? I got a bunch of tea stuff for my birthday ( a cute tea pot, a little tea infuser that looks like a tea pot, some tea, etc) and I decided that I wanted to be a sophisticated grown up and try loose tea. Last Friday I took my girls to the mall and we found a tea store there – oh happy day!! I walked in and said, “I’m a blank slate – teach me Yoda!” and the very nice guy working there showed me all kinds of different teas and infusers and such and in the end I chose 3 different loose teas to take home with me. To the tune of $50. Yikes!! That’s more than I intended to spend, but I had some birthday money left, so it was all good. I’m happy to say that I love all of the teas I chose and my 12 year old daughter even likes them too. I chose a flavored white tea, an herbal tea, and a flavored black tea and the fact that they can be mixed together in various combinations is a bonus. Their names are Snow Geisha, Wild Orange Blossom, and Weight To Go (yes, seriously). I asked about dessert teas was offered the Weight To Go tea. I tried to not read more into that than was necessary, but if I hadn’t been so excited and overwhelmed, I probably would have been offended. It’s actually my favorite of all three – it’s got a fun fruity taste. Yum! What I was surprised to find is that 2oz of tea will not fit in a 4oz jar – 2 oz of tea is A LOT OF TEA. I think I ended up with more than 2oz of each one (that sneaky salesman, they pour it out of bulk tins and measure out just a little more so you’ll spend a little more) so I’ve got lots of tea to last me a while. I’m trying to replace my afternoon sugar habit with hot tea, hence the whole tea experience. We’ll see how it works out. 

Okay, kids that’s all I’ve got for today. Curious – do you drink loose leaf tea, and if so, what’s your favorite brand/flavor? Any tea accessory that you can’t live without? Like I said, I’m a blank slate – educate me! 🙂