Dinner talk

Well my weigh in on Saturday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be: I gained one pound instead of two, so that’s good I guess?  For those of you playing along at home,  I weigh 192.2 again which means I have a total loss of 4.8 pounds since I started on February 2nd. This week has been better – after weigh in on Saturday I went to the grocery store and bought a boat-load of groceries (mostly produce), then came home and cooked some chicken, roasted some veggies, and made a mental plan for the week. I’ve had a few lapses here and there, but I’m doing okay.

I had a revelation this week too: there are five very different personalities living in my house and I will never be able to please each of them at the same time, especially when it comes to dinner time.  I have been so discouraged when it comes to cooking dinner because it seems like someone is always complaining, so I’ve resorted to cooking the same safe meals over and over again just to keep the peace, but you know what? I don’t care anymore. I need some variety and some newness in the kitchen, so I’ve decided I’m going to cook what sounds interesting to me and if someone doesn’t like it, they can lump it. The five of us have different tastes: My husband and son LOVE spicy foods, my oldest daughter and I DON’T, and my youngest daughter just doesn’t like dinner. I could say “we’re having gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes for dinner!” and she’d say “I don’t like gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes” which is a total lie, because I know she likes those things. She just likes to be difficult, so I don’t even take her into consideration when I’m planning dinner because I know she’ll hate whatever I’m cooking just because it falls in the “dinner” category. ANYWAY, I’ve tried a couple of different recipes this week, and whaddyaknow? They were a success! One dinner was a Sloppy Joe Bake which uses crescent rolls as a “bun” and the other was Spicy Sausage Pasta – I didn’t much care for the Sloppy Joe Bake, but my kids loved it and my husband and son really liked the Spicy Sausage Pasta (because it was spicy, duh). I also made some healthy cookies which consisted of mashed bananas, oats, pecans, and a few chocolate chips. I really liked those cookies – they were good for when I needed a hit of sweetness, but they weren’t triggering at all. Oh, and please do me a favor and don’t lecture me on the use of crescent rolls and processed foods at this point. Okay, I get it, I do, but when I find a new recipe, I like to make it the way it is written the first time just so I know how it tastes, then go back and tweak it to make it healthier the next time. I’m just not at the point where I can tell my family “hey guess what? No more processed stuff for us!” I would really like to get to that point, but I’m not there yet. So give me some grace on this, okay? Thanks, you’re the best!

Okay kids, it’s my lunch time so I gotta go heat up my chicken and veggies before the hoards come in and take over the microwaves in the break room. I always like to get to the break room before anyone else because I’m competitive like that. 🙂



15 thoughts on “Dinner talk

  1. I’m glad you are sharing your real life! I’m new to following you and love your honesty! We still use processed foods as well just less than in the past.

  2. I have a house that is a mix of carnivores, vegetarian, nearly vegan. My husband eats much like I do. What I have learned is to make the sections separately. So those who do meat can add the meat. Those who do noodles or the like can add the noodles. Those who do not, eat more of the other things. I store things in the refrigerator the same way – separate.

  3. You are too funny – and for the record, I’d eat gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes for dinner, so next time I’m in your neck of the woods, please lay in the supplies. 😉

    1. Shelley, if I go buy gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes, does that mean you will make it a point to come to dinner? I mean, we’re practically neighbors as it is… 🙂

  4. Healthy cookie recipe please! It sounds a lot like the Nikki’s healthy cookie recipe I use, but I’m always in the market for another one. I’ve got a pretty good very low cal ‘brownie’ recipe that I am going to share soon.

    What day did you say you were having Shelley and I over for hot fudge sundaes and gummy bears?

  5. I’d like to say that I follow my own advice and just make what is healthy and they can eat it or go hungry, but I too have fallen victim to trying to make something the monsters will all eat together. In general, when we make a healthy meal it’s fine. It’s the whole making something new and exciting, the variety that screws me up. If I lived on my own I’d probably have about 6 interchangeable meals and that’s it. I’m a simpler eater, less interested in seeking out the new and exciting. It’s really irritating trying to be exciting.

  6. “…I will never be able to please each of them at the same time,” — Yep! We moms (and dads who are in charge of meals) just don’t get paid enough.

  7. I have a similar challenge at my house but it’s only two of us! I can’t imagine a whole bunch of people to please. Kudos to you for just making a decision to try new recipes and see how they play out, that way you can get feed back, see what people think and decide if you will use them again and if so, maybe how to make them better 🙂 you should share links those recipes sound great!

  8. I agree, kudos to trying something new. After all, it is probably a good lesson for your kids to learn that they won’t always get what they want. 🙂 Wishing you a GREAT week!

  9. Wow, I love it when you talk dinner to me!
    Tell me about it. I have 6 different personalities living in our house and it gets crazy.
    Sounds like you’re handling it well though.

  10. It is so very difficult to plan dinner for a family. Most times someone does not eat this or that or they just don’t fancy this or that today! But dinner must be had any way and we can’t please every body.

  11. It’s funny. I know in my house dinner can sometimes be routine.. I also try different spices to change things up. but i always remind everyone how fortunate we are in comparison to others to have dinner every night and if they don’t like what i make they can always choose to not eat…. 😉 Joking of course….

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