Friday stuffs

Hey guys!!

Man, I am struggling this week. Actually the last 2 weeks have been difficult on the food-front and I’m ready for something to give. I find that I can handle my food so much better when I use 4 or 5 extra points a day as opposed to using all of them in one fell swoop. Unlike other bloggers (whom I love and admire), I cannot get right back on track after a day of an eating-free-for-all. When I spend all my extra weekly points in one day or when I have a cheat day, I can’t just pick up and become a healthy eater again the next day. I’ve tried and I just can’t do it. It takes me 3, 4, or even 5 days before residual effects of white carb overload subside and I can get back in the saddle.  I’ve fought hard this week, and I’ve made several good choices and decisions, but it’s far from where I need to be if I’m going to lose weight and keep it off. I’ll go to weigh in tomorrow, and I won’t be surprised by the (at least) 2 pound gain I’ll see on the scale.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop taking my birth control pill. I started taking this pill back in December in order to help balance my raging/insane hormones. I think it has helped a little, however since I’ve been on this pill I’ve gained 10 pounds and my libido has fallen like a brick off a cliff.  The trade off is not worth it for me – I got off the pill 7 years ago because my low libido was affecting my marriage and  I don’t want to go back there. I think I can do better with a different pill, so I’m going to quit the one I’m on now and see how my body reacts. I have my yearly appointment in May, so if my hormones go haywire, I can always get another pill in a couple of months. I also think that losing weight will help my hormones, so maybe if I can get some momentum and get this weight off, my body will work itself out. I’m going to finish out this pack that I’m on now ( I only have a few days left anyway) but then that’s it. I was trying to explain all this to my husband this morning and I ended with “you get what I’m saying here?” and he replied “that’s the only thing I’m getting lately” so obviously this is an issue! 🙂  (and in case you were wondering, my husband had the snip-snip several years ago, so BIRTH control really isn’t an issue, I take it for the hormones)

I’ve made an attempt this week at exercise. I managed to get in 3 days of walking so far this week – just me, the early morning, and Downton Abbey (I just finished season 2 – no spoilers please!). I would have had at least 4 days, but on Wednesday my alarm didn’t go off – I have no idea why. It was set for the right time, I checked the am/pm thing and it was correct, the radio was at a good volume – there is no reason that it shouldn’t have come on. Luckily I woke up just a few minutes later than my absolute-have-to-get-out-of-bed-right-NOW time, so I was only a couple of minutes behind in my morning routine. But anyway, I’m back to walking if only because I know I won’t lose weight as fast if I don’t, and because it just makes me feel better.

So that’s the super exciting goings-on in my life this week. Spring has finally sprung around here and we are looking at temps in the 80s later today. The rest of the weekend will be a little cooler (high 60s) but I’ll take it. I actually wore a tshirt and flip flops yesterday – it was that nice! I’m so ready for warm breezes and sunshine. This has been long cold winter.





10 thoughts on “Friday stuffs

  1. I too find it a challenge to reign my willpower back in after giving it some freedom for a special event or planned use of extra points. Also, I have the same side effects from b.c. but unfortunately do need it for the preventing children thing, but I’m hoping to find something that works for me and doesn’t have those awful side effects! Good look finding your right balance

  2. Have you thought about asking your therapist or psychiatrist in her office about something for your moods, other than using hormones? That’s the way I went. I could not lose weight while on BC.

    You nailed it with the “it takes 4-5 days” to get back on track. I am the same way. Too sensitive to that stuff for it to just get out of my brain in one day. People who can get right back on track probably aren’t as sensitive.

    Walking 3 days–good! Celebrate it.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. SOOO jealous of your 80 degree weather! Isn’t that stuff supposed to travel east? It’s not. 😦

  3. I used to have a lot more trouble getting back on track. I’m not sure what the difference is. I started to write about that but didn’t know what to write. Some factors: I reign in my eating sooner? I really like what I eat on plan (and a lot of it IS sweet, just artificial sweeteners)? I decided to refuse to give the STUFF more power than it deserved? I did that book that taught me that I used food to cope with anxiety and that decreased its power over me?

    So you can see why I didn’t write a post. I don’t know what to write. Its worth exploring though.

  4. There are not a lot of people who can get back on track easily/quickly/painlessly after true free for alls. There are people who think they get back on track, but often it bites them in the butt over the course of the next weeks/months/years. (they are seeing it all as separate events, but if you read long term, it is (probably) actually a chain reaction and they do not seem to realize it).

    It is very easy to undo effort, so that there is a lot of yoyo.

    And you have to look at where each person is in comparison to what you want. Some people live with the yoyo. Some people live with goal +50. Some people live with a lot of food drama. It is important to decide what you want.

  5. I am collecting saliva (glamorous I know) starting tomorrow for hormone tests. It starts 16 days after the start of my last cycle (16 days is tomorrow). And then there is a capture/spit schedule for 7 days. This is under new female issues doc that I saw last month. She also did extensive food tests (blood not needle pokes) and blood work. When I looked at the list of “do you have any of these symptoms?”, I had all of them. Will be interesting to see what she finds.

  6. I’m one of those people that does good with a freeday, but I need to focus on it and all the benefits of it, and it’s hard to be achingly strict the rest of the week with garbage-disposal-teens in the house. So, I get where yer comin’ from! Whatever works best for you! 😉

  7. It sure is a hit-and-miss-and-try-again sometimes, isn’t it? (… as far as what works and what doesn’t). Exhausting!

    I had been sick a week+ ago and getting sick usually knocks me off course. I haven’t exercised for almost two weeks and have been having way too much pasta (and other white-flour stuff). When that type of thing gets in the system, it does seem like the desire for it lingers. I haven’t bounced back and use whatever energy I have left to clean my “sick” house (aka neglected housework) and catch up on projects, homework, etc.

    “and because it just makes me feel better.” — Very wise, my friend, very wise.

  8. I can totally relate to the “free day” mentality – once you get to that day you have a hard time going back. My other downfall is the cold weather. I have more trouble sticking to a regular workout when I’m trapped inside because I’d much rather exercise outdoors.

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