I am so glad it’s Friday because I am super annoyed with work today (actually I’ve been annoyed with work for 3 days now). My regional manager is going chart-crazy and making up and having us fill out all sorts of new charts with information that can already be found in our system. Also annoyed because I had to travel to Kansas City on Wednesday with my coworkers for a safety training class. We had to drive 4 hours in an uncomfortable passenger van to get there, spend the night at a hotel, get up the next morning and go to the 2 hour class, then drive back 4 hours yesterday. It seems like a huge waste of time and money to me, but I don’t get to make the rules.

Of course since it’s a company thing, they pay for our meals while we are there and on the road. Do you know how hard it is to eat well while traveling on the company dime? I tried to make good choices, I really did. We never knew ahead of time where we would be eating, so I couldn’t look up nutritional info beforehand, but I ordered a big salad at least once a day. It was the other meal of the day that killed me. For dinner Wednesday evening, I ordered seared scallops thinking that would be a safe bet, but it came with an asparagus risotto which, while it was divine, probably had a lot of calories because something that tastes that good is rarely low in cals. Oh and I also had the most wonderful french onion soup – just a cup, but I should have just made a meal of that.  For breakfast the next morning I chose an english muffin with cream cheese, a hard boiled egg, and a banana, which was actually more than I probably needed to eat at the time, but I didn’t know when we would eat lunch that day so I wanted to be full for the whole morning. We ended up eating Pizza Hut buffet for lunch, and that was my downfall. The salad bar was “meh” at best and I chose thin crust pizza when I could. But since it was a buffet, I went back for more. I was tired and discouraged, so I very illogically threw in the towel for the day and got more pizza and some pasta and some cinnamon bread sticks. I didn’t track any of it. It seems like this whole week has been a struggle, which is disheartening considering how well I’ve been doing the last few weeks.

The upside is that tomorrow starts a new week for me so I can start with a clean slate. The downside is that Sunday is my birthday and I’ma be pissed if I don’t have a cherry cheesecake waiting for me at some point. I don’t even want regular cake (I had enough of that during my son’s birthday last month), but I figure a cheesecake is small enough that I can have one slice and everyone else can have a slice and we can all be done with it. So that’s my plan – a very loosey goosey plan, but a plan nonetheless.

I haven’t been exercising, which is probably just adding to my annoyed-ness. All the 5k races that I ran last year are coming up again and I just have absolutely zero desire to run. I feel bad that I’m going to miss out on all the excitement that a 5k brings, but I can’t even remember the last time I ran…let alone trained for a race. I don’t even want to walk in any races. I don’t even want to walk on my treadmill. I don’t want to do anything unless it involves sitting on my couch or lying in my bed. Basically I just want to sleep a lot, that’s all I really WANT to do. I know I need to exercise, I know it would give me more energy, blah blah blah, but I just DON’T WANT TO. I don’t even know why. It just feels like ONE MORE THING that I need to do that I don’t really want to do – along with dishes, laundry, and balancing my checkbook.

I think I need a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm with an ocean view and a cabana boy who will rub my shoulders. Oh and it needs to be free because this economy is killing my style. Isn’t there someone out there who would love to give me an all-inclusive vacation for my birthday? I totally wouldn’t hate that. At all.

So anyway, yeah. I’ll probably skip my weigh-in tomorrow because I have a full day of chauffeuring the kids around and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it to my regular meeting, but I would sort of prefer to pretend this week never happened anyway. I’ll start fresh tomorrow and go from there. That’s about the best I can do right now.

My blog: the place you come to for whining and complaining. Such a warm and welcoming place! Please have a seat and listen to me cry into my coffee, won’t you?