What’s the plan, Stan?

I intended to write this post on Monday, but I was off work Monday and the day seemed to go by really fast (how come it doesn’t go that fast when I’m at work?) and I just never got it done. Actually the whole weekend went by in a blink. I feel like I had a one night stand with the 3 day weekend: “You’re…you’re leaving? already? But I thought we had something special here!!” Oh well, it’s not the first wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am I’ve ever had and probably won’t be the last (I’m talking weekends here, not actual real life one night stands…I’m not that kind of girl. Not since I got married anyway, *ahem*).


So I had a bit of a gain at my last weigh in, but I totally expected it and I’m not upset about it. I was up 1.2 pounds from my previous weigh in and in looking back over the week, I realized something interesting. I was comparing all my obstacles from my first week to all the obstacles last week and I realized that all those landmines I dodged so well the first week? It was because I could run away from them. I could put lots of physical distance between myself and the temptations that first week. Last week, however, all the temptations were in my close personal space. In my office, in my kitchen, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. With my son’s birthday cake right in the middle of my kitchen, the kitchen I walk through 47 times a day, it was harder to ignore it than I anticipated. Must learn how to deal with cake. Another problem is my sweet elderly neighbor (he lives right across the street from my office) brought me at least 3 different treats last week.  I need to learn how to deal with the desserts he brings over – I need a plan, because I am NOT going to tell him that I don’t want them. It gives him great pleasure to bring us samples of things he and his wife have baked, and to tell him I don’t want them seriously hurts his feelings. His wife’s health is declining rapidly and I am not going to be rude to this man who is about to lose his wife of nearly 60 years (her only goal at this point is to live until May so they can celebrate their 60th anniversary – so bittersweet!) just to save myself the worry of a few calories. I do however, need a plan that I can stick to when he does bring food over. I’m thinking I can give it to another coworker, I can take one bite (two bites if it’s really good) and then throw it away, or I can just throw it away without tasting it at all. I just need to decide what I’ll do and then stick to that.

The thing is, there will always be SOMETHING that is going to get in the way. The world is full of landmines and I think  my success is going to be determined by how well I deal with these landmines.

Do any of you have a plan for things like this? I’d love to hear from my maintainer-readers (Debby and Shelley I’m looking at you) on how you deal with temptations like I described. I know Mr. Brown is going to keep coming over with delectable desserts and I’ve got lots of birthdays/celebrations coming up in the next few months and I would love to have a plan in place. So what say you? Do you just wing it and hope for the best or do you Just Say No? Help a sistah out here!!

9 thoughts on “What’s the plan, Stan?

  1. That’s one thing I do miss from working in an office: I was always able to bring in the stuff, leave it in the break room, and get an empty plate back at the end of the day! That was my plan. Now, I tend to throw it in the deep freezer if it’s not a treat-day. Out of sight, and all that. 🙂

  2. When I worked at the local arts council/arts center, there was always a ton of food, especially treats, brought in, either by groups who were meeting there (and were always so sweet to specifically invite me to come have some food), or because we were constantly having receptions and events. I finally had to institute a “no baked goods” policy on myself – I remember I made it for six months (after Christmas to June, my birthday). It became pretty easy to tell myself no – it got automatic, actually. And on the rare times when I couldn’t bear to hurt someone’s feelings, I’d take the offering and then trash it when they weren’t looking. I really was determined! And after the six months, I occasionally would have a treat, but I would only have a small taste…a couple of bites worth.

    I know that was long, so the tl;dr is: make it automatic to turn down any baked goods.

  3. Perhaps you could try designating one day a week as your “treat day”. That way you can set aside any treats that come in to the house during the week knowing that you’ll get a chance to savor them. By limiting it to one day a week you will limit the diet damage without having to completely deprive yourself.

  4. How weird. I wrote a long comment and its not here!

    Anyway, I said you know I still have issues with birthday cake. And other baked goods. Its best if I just don’t start. Like yesterday, going to sewing day. I had a breakfast that I really enjoyed, ate a really good apple on the drive over, and took one of my smoothies that I really like for lunch. And I stuck a protein bar in my purse in case I got really hungry and needed some more (which I didn’t until I got STUCK IN THE SNOW on the way home!) Anyway, that way I only glanced at the stuff she had out for snacking. The peanut M&M’s were unexpected and I wanted a handful so bad, but I knew it wouldn’t be one handful. So I just didn’t start.

    And birthday cake in the house? It just wouldn’t work for me. I wonder if you could get one of those special little cakes for the kids birthdays? They sell them in most of the grocery bakeries around here. I always look longingly at them. One of these days I’ll get one for my birthday, but only if I have some friends to share it with. I think they would have 6-8 servings easily.

  5. HI Jill,

    First, this is my first time reading your blog and I love your writing – very funny, but to the point.

    Second, I was watching a television show last week (forget which one) and the father said this to the son: “if you need to, disappoint everyone, just don’t disappoint yourself”.

  6. Don’t you work in an office full of men? Surely if you put it in the middle of a table with some paper plates, it would be gone in an hour. I guess I’d take one bite (so I could honestly tell Mr. Brown that I enjoyed it) so the guys would know they were free to dig in.

  7. Individual servings for holidays are so helpful. We buy exactly how many we need. No leftovers. Does anyone else in your office need extra calories? If not, then take the treat from the little old man with a smile, douse with Dawn dishwashing soap and pitch, so it is gone.

  8. Seriously it`s difficult to deal with your neighbour in order not to hurt his feelings as well as not to hurt yourself by overeating. When it comes to birthdays and other family gatherings-I make my own cake which I can have and not to eat traditional cakes – cake made of bean, bananas and eggs or spinach (yeah it`s really delicious!) with little honey-they`re delicious and healthy and I can have it without binging afterwards or without feeling guilty. Regards

  9. “The world is full of landmines” — amen to that!

    My neighbor friend brought me a chocolate cupcake for Valentine’s Day. I said thank you and that it looked delicious, then I gave it to my kids. I’m not sure if that would be considered “strong” or not… I’m actually very weak and can’t have a nibble. If I did, that would lead me to devour it and onto other sweet junk. The only time I can handle it is if the treat is nutritionally-dense like a homemade whole-wheat oatmeal raisin cookie with choc chips.

    I’m noticing a trend from others’ advice:
    -“I finally had to institute a “no baked goods” policy on myself…”
    -“It became pretty easy to tell myself no – it got automatic, actually.”
    -“…but I knew it wouldn’t be one handful. So I just didn’t start.”
    -“No leftovers. …pitch, so it is gone.”

    And I love, love, love the doc’s quote: “If you need to, disappoint everyone, just don’t disappoint yourself.”

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