Oh wait, that sounded so bad didn’t it?!? Happy Valentine’s Day anyway!!

Okay confession time – I didn’t freeze the cake. I let it sit on the table for a couple more days where I let it cause unnecessary angst for me, until yesterday when I finally told my daughter to just throw it away already!! Clearly I have an addiction to buttercream frosting that I will need to address in the future, but dayum it was tasty in the moment. The cake is gone now, in the trash, and no I didn’t dig it out of the trash to get one last bite. If it’s in the trash, it’s garbage!


After last week’s big loss at weigh in, and my altercation with the cake, I’ll be lucky to lose .2 at Saturday’s weigh in. And if I don’t lose, well, I’ll just consider it a life lesson: don’t eat too much cake when you’re trying to lose weight. *sigh*

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day? We don’t do a lot for VDay – a card and some chocolates, that’s about it really. Sometimes the hubs and I will go to dinner or a movie if we feel so inclined, but this year I decided to switch it up a bit: I’m making lasagna for dinner and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. I thought the kiddos would enjoy dipping the strawberries (and eating them of course) and it would be a nice way to spend a relaxed evening at home with the ones I love the most. Oh, and I got a free movie rental from Redbox, so depending on how much time we have, we might watch a movie together too (it’s a school night, you know, so watching a movie on a school night is A BIG DEAL).

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I think I tell this story every year only because I can’t believe anyone would have the audacity…anyway, one year way back in the day during college, I had a class with a guy that I thought sure hated me because he always wore such a pissed-off expression all the time. After class on Valentine’s Day, this guy sort of tosses a card on my desk as he’s leaving. It’s a Valentine’s Day card that says he thinks I’m pretty and would I like to go to lunch with him, of course being 19 and boyfriend-less, I said sure. At lunch he gives me dozen roses and says he just wanted me to have them. I was flabbergasted, because who gives a dozen roses on the first date? Well, someone who’s girlfriend just broke up with him the night before, apparently. I found out a few days later that he had bought the card and the roses for his girlfriend but she dumped him before he could give them to her, so he decided to give them to me. Which, would have been fine if he had just told me that in the beginning, but he made up this story about how he had always thought I was pretty but he was too shy to talk to me, yadda yadda yadda whatever, so I didn’t go out with him again. Trust me, second-hand roses are not what a girl wants for Valentine’s Day! At least not this girl.

So, anyone else have a Valentine’s Horror Story? I’d love to hear it!