Remember on Monday when I mentioned the Strawberry Cake incident? No I’m not going to link to it because it was my last post before this one, just scroll down if you want to read about it (sheesh!).  So anyway, I should have known that wouldn’t be the last time I had to dance in the minefield. That same evening, my husband brought ice cream home (for himself mainly, but also to share), again, I had one bite, decided the pain in my teeth was a sign, so I didn’t eat any more ice cream. Then on Tuesday I had to travel for work and we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch – the meals weren’t really the problem, the problem was the ALL THE FREAKING CANDY in the waiting area. I managed to hang tough and avoid buying any candy, but then once we arrived at our hotel, there were fresh baked cookies waiting in the lobby and the aroma wafted over to me…luckily my hands were full so I couldn’t grab one – I dashed up to my room so I wouldn’t be tempted to give in.

That’s a lot of landmines to avoid!! I did great at dinner that night (Dear Strawberry spinach salad, I love you, Sincerely, Me) but after dinner when I was alone in my hotel room, I got a craving. A Serious Chocolate Craving (yes it deserves to be capitalized and I think you all know why). I gathered up my dollar bills and headed to the vending machine, ya know, just to see what was there. Lo and behold, there was no vending machine for food, only drinks! However, in this particular hotel lobby there is a Suite Shop (yep that’s how it’s spelled) filled with all kinds of goodies that could be mine…for an exorbitant price. Apparently my frugal side is much stronger than my chocolate-lovin’ side because I refuse to pay $2 for a single 100 calorie pack of Chips Ahoy cookies or $1.50 for a Kit Kat, but I stood there and thought about it, I did. I even texted my husband and said “tell me I don’t need a Kit Kat right now” and he texted back “You don’t need a Kit Kat right now” so I left the Suite Shop empty handed (well not really, I still had my $2) and strolled over to the breakfast area where I found hot water and complimentary tea bags. I made myself some decaf tea and went back to my room to spend the rest of the evening sipping my tea and scrolling through the Netflix options on my Kindle Fire.

I’m pretty proud of how I’ve handled all these situations so far this week. I still have a few hurdles left, but since I’ve been flexing my “NO” muscle this week, I’m feeling okay about it. I had been thinking earlier about how this probably wasn’t the best week for me to start Weight Watchers, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was the perfect time – I’m riding high on motivation so it was easier to Just Say No to all those things I mentioned. I’m really curious to see how the travel and all the dinners out this week (FOUR. That’s how many times I’ve eaten in restaurants this week – yikes!!) will affect my weigh in on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, folks!! And stay out of the minefields – unless you want to count the dancing around you’ll have to do as exercise! 😉

11 thoughts on “Landmines

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great. It doesn’t matter how you restist, it’s enough that you did. I think I wouldn’t have.

  2. Oh wow. You did REALLY great. I still have a lot of difficulty eating out, and being alone in a hotel room. I do usually bring my own treats so I am not tempted to go scouting for CHOCOLATE.

    1. That one comes up on Saturday – my son got a free dessert at the restaurant last night, but we’ll do a party on Saturday WITH cake. And I’ve already decided that yes I will have cake because I’m paying a boatload for this stupid cake so I’m going to eat some!! So there! 😉

  3. That is some fancy footwork you have there! Nice work! I had one week of stepping smack-dab on some mines and DON’T want to do that again! But I do hope you enjoy the cake! If you are planning ahead, it is not a landmine.

  4. yay you!!! the more successes you have, the easier it becomes to say no.

    Cake can be a land mine. If I were you, I’d get rid of whatever you don’t eat at the party. It’s not the one piece that will kill you, it’s the cake sitting around that night/the next day that calls your name. If the kids or husband want more, give them each a piece on a plate of their own, and then you know and they know it’s THEIR piece. You won’t be tempted to eat them because if you do, then you have to own up to eating their cake.

    keep it up & have a great weekend!

    1. I thought about that too Laura – one of my favorite things used to be eating a forkful of cake each time I walked by the cake box, but there should be enough people at this party to kill off the cake on Saturday. Even if there is more, I’ve got the family on board trying to help me out – all I have to do is tell them “make sure I don’t eat anymore cake” and they’ll be like drug dogs on a high school locker. And honestly, the cake might not be all that wonderful, then it will be a non-issue, right? I’ve worked it out in my head and planned for it, so I’m not worried about it. 🙂

  5. You did fabulous Jill! YAY Jill! And my frugal side would have totally had a heart attack too. I’m one of those people who totally disagrees with the junk food tax… but I wouldn’t buy it for more money either! *ahem*!

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